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Stylish Wardrobe for Labor and Delivery

Labor and Delivery

Ladies who do not want to comprise on their style even when they are going for Labor and Delivery need to prepare in advance. These days you can find many designers designing labor outfits, you can also find many options on Ecom websites also which can suit your budget. These stylish labor clothes do not only make you comfortable but also makes you ready for the biggest day of your life.

Hospital Bag Checklist for Mom

Hospital file, Important Paper,  ID and insurance papers

Labor Room Gown and Socks

Slippers or flip-flops

Light Food Items

Maternity pads

Hand sanitizer

Comfortable Clothes – Night and Day Time

Underwear, Bras and Toiletries

Phone and Charges

Glasses or contact lenses, if you need them

Skin Care Products

Most Important Newborn Baby Diaper Bag

Check out the Other Postpartum Essentials Items, which you need during your stay in Hospital 

Stylish Wardrobe for Labor and Delivery

Style 1

( Labor Delivery Nursing Gown )


Specially designed for moms who do not like wearing patient clothes when at the hospital

Snaps on both sides of the shoulder, this hospital gown allows easy access for breastfeeding

Snaps in the back allow easy put on and off, and the split front provides convenience for medical examinations and labor

The drawstring on the waist makes this maternity nightgown fit perfectly for your growing bump

Style 2

Shoulder Snaps on Both Sides Dress

Allow easy access for medical examination and great for breastfeeding, as well as put on and off 

Style 3

(Great for Labour and Post Pregnancy )

Customer Review: I love love love this gown! The material is soft, comfortable and great quality. Unlike most birth gowns I found that appeared to be made of a stiff material (especially in the shoulders), this gown is soft and relaxed ( just as pictured).

This gown is as good for postpartum as it is for birth. It’s nice to wear this around the house with easy access for breastfeeding and being able to walk around the house not having to wear uncomfortable pants. It also makes for easier postpartum bathroom breaks.

Style 4

Delivery Nursing Robe )

Style 5

Hospital Bag for Labor and Delivery


Customer Review: Great product at an amazing price. This is everything I wanted and even more!!! I highly recommend getting this package deal!!!!

Style 6

(Recommended by Doctors)

Unlike any other labor and delivery gown, it combines the comfort of your favorite t-shirt with the functionality recommended by doctors and doulas. The Kindred Bravely Labor and Delivery Maternity Hospital Nursing Gown is a hospital bag essential!

Style 7

(Non-Skid Push Socks for Maternity)

Tickle your funny bone and not your feet with these fun Brave socks!

Customer Review: “I wish these were around when I had mine.” Make a statement and keep your feet toasty warm while walking around the house during pregnancy or the hospital during childbirth! These ultra-soft terry knit ankle pregnancy socks make the perfect baby shower gift for a mother to be or as a hospital bag essential. The anti-slip non-skid design help make the hospital birthing experience safe and comfortable! “I don’t know if it was these socks or the epidural that took my labor pain away” These maternity socks come in over multiple inspirational and fun themes.

Style 8

(Cotton Jersey Labor Gown)

Traditional unisex hospital gowns are not designed for labor and delivery. Women don’t want to be at the mercy of a hospital gown, which has traditionally represented illness, medical intervention, and vulnerability. We have many testimonials from customers telling us that wearing a Pretty Pushers gave them a boost of confidence that leads to them feeling more in control of their other birth decisions. Let’s face it, maternity patients don’t want to be viewed as ‘sick’ during the most momentous time in their lives. They want to Own Their Labor!

Style 9

Hospital Gown + Maternity Gown

One of the best purchases I made prior to delivering my son. I wore the gown after he was born to receive visitors. It was super comfy and perfect for our hospital photoshoot. Since being at home I have worn it several times. The material has remained soft with several washes.


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