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What to Eat and What Not to Eat During Labor


When we think about Labor, the First Thing comes to our mind is Extreme Pain and the Long Process. Earlier, Doctors do not recommend to Eat or Drink anything before or during labor. But, now things have changed, some hospitals allow women to eat healthy food before and during labor but, of course, there are dos and don’t involve in it.

What Experts Have to Say?

According to a study by the American Society of Anesthesiologists in fall 2015, a light meal actually may help pregnant women to keep their energy up during childbirth. But, it does not mean that you can have meat and heavy meals before going for labor.

What is your Doctor’s Opinion?

Every doctor has a different opinion about what to eat and not to eat? Before jumping over any food options, ask about the food and drink policy of the hospital and discuss with your Ob/Gyn. Every pregnant woman needs to stay well hydrated and with high energy levels throughout labor. Your doctor is the right person to suggest you the right meal, according to your health condition.

Especially, for women who are excepting to have a baby through C-Section will have different meals from a woman who are going for normal deliveries.

Does Meal Timing Matters?

Generally, doctors suggest to eat or finish all your meals 4 to 5 hours before the actual labor. So, that food is converted to glucose and energy which is very much required during normal delivery.

You can actually drink and eat things as mentioned below during labor, as labor may last for several hours and you need metal as well as physical strength to go through the process.

Suggested Food Items During the Early Labors

> Fruits drinks without pulp
> Easy to digest dried fruits
> Smoothies made from healthy vegetables (seasonal)
> Apple
> Bananas
> Jello – applesauce
> Black coffee
> Soups
> Sprouts
> Sandwiches made of ham, peanut butter, and cheese


Foods to Avoid Before Labors

> Chocolate Bars
> Any Herbs
> Aerated Beverages  
> Heavy Non-Veg Food (pork, chicken, Lamb etc)


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