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10 Must Have Postpartum Items for New Moms and Baby

Postpartum Items

We must Thank God, that at least now the Mothers are treated equally and companies have come up with many Postpartum Items for your Comfort. Due to lots of Online Shopping Portals, mothers are finding it easy to look and buy the Postpartum Items. But, it is making them confused too, therefore we have shortlisted the most important and necessary products which new moms need just after giving the birth to the Baby and the same can be used till 6 months. Below are our recommendation, which will help you to choose the Best Postpartum Products. For More Product List, you can click here to see many other products related to Postpartum recovery.

1 # Postpartum Postnatal Recovery Belt

Customer Reviews:

> This belt is great. I was using a Flamingo belt post delivery, wish I knew about this earlier. Its a must for all the new mommies. Quality is great. Value for money. Great gift for the expecting mommies. Very happy with my purchase. The vendor also cross-checked on the size before dispatching the product. Great service.

> Great quality and awesome product. Helped my wife who had a c section. Very comfortable and affordable. Hoping others also benefit. Glad I chose this one which is very unique in the market.

2 # Breastfeeding Pillow

Customer Reviews: It’s a must-have for every new mom. Makes feeding so comfortable and enjoyable. Baby is secure and doesn’t move. My baby loves the soft pillow and falls asleep after the feed. I use it to make him sit on it after every feed and he burps easily. Already recommended it to two of my cousins and they love it!

> Its 5 am and I am writing this as I am so happy I bought this. As a new mom, I am struggling to make my little one asleep and this pillow provides a shape where baby feels it’s sleeping in that lap! So u can finally get some rest!
As a feeding pillow, it is great! Does what it is supposed to do.


3 # Swing Breast Pump


Customer Reviews: Was very helpful as I had a caesarean section and was unable to hold to breastfeed my son for many days.
Later also useful when my hubby and I wanted to go out for outings so family members could give my son pumped breast milk instead of formula feed.

4 # Latest  Newborn Baby Nursing Pillows

Customer Reviews: I bought it as a gift for a new mom. And she is raving about the product. She can now feed her baby while her hands are still free. The height adjustment allows for her baby to feed comfortably without her having to hold her up. And it is so soft that the baby seems to love resting on it. All in all, this was a good buy

5 # Nursing Bra


Customer Reviews: Very comfortable, great value for money, very soft plus they give extenders with each piece which can be used separately and they are quite expensive on their own.. However, they have supplied extender with each piece..Good colors..Best product.

6 # Breast Feeding Nighty

Customer Reviews: It’s surely going to be your favorite nursing lounge dress. This ankle-length, beautiful floral printed nighty is beautifully adorned with contrast trim details, short sleeve, with front vertical zipper for nursing use, This nighty can be worn for casual as well as regular maternity wear, it is made with soft cotton fabric.

7 # Breast Pads

Customer Reviews: Mee mee is one of the brands i am trusting for me and my baby. These disposable breast pads are one of the god sent product for me.. The adhesion part works really well as it holds in place for more than 12 hours. But it is hygenic to change it after few hours to avoid infection for you and your baby. The material is thin as it wont see through your dresses.Its a great product.

8 # Postpartum Waist Trimmer 

Customer Reviews: New Innovative product to give you shape while you wear the dresses of your choices. Full-seam back panel gently lifts, firms up, and promotes youthful sexy rounded feminine silhouette. It’s the perfect follow-up garment to our Pregnancy Support.

9 # Breastfeeding Cover


Customer Reviews: Good design. A must-have for all moms especially while traveling its a savior. The design of the feeding apron is such that it covers the mom from neck to bottom. The biggest plus point is has a plastic wide wire or fiber on d top which is curved and that allows u to cd baby and gives baby proper ventilation.

10 # Breast Pump Manual

A most important item for Breast Feeding Mothers, you should 100% buy this product for your safety.

Within 3 or 4 days, after delivery, you will face the problem of oversupply of Breast Milk, due to which you will feel the pain in your breast.


Compact, lightweight design of the pump body makes it easy to hold and position on your breast



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