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Reason of Leaking Breast Milk after Having a Baby

leaking of breast milk

Why I am Leaking? New Mommies do not understand the reason behind the Leaking Breast Milk. Sometimes you will notice that when you are Feeding/Nursing your Baby your other breast will start leaking this is happening due to Hormone Oxytocin Triggers. Leaking Breast Milk is a very natural process for women’s bodies after having a baby.

Some moms leak only during the early weeks & some for more couple of months. Few moms don’t leak at all. When you start feeling full, try to feed your baby as soon as possible, so that pressure can be removed and milk is not wasted.

How to Stop Milk from Leaking 
  1. You can Express the milk with the use of a Manual Breast Pump and Freeze the milk for later use. No need to waste the milk. You should consume the Expressed Milk within 1-2 days. There is one another way YOU can solve this problem of leaking;
  2. Buy Reusable Silicone Cotton Breast Pads instead of Disposable pads. It really helps in stopping it.
  3. You can use Reusable Silicone Cotton Breast Pads to stop the leaking. Reusable Breast Pads are easy to handle and cost-effective also. It can be easily worn inside the bar.
  4. You can BUY any Good Brand Reusable Cotton Pads pack of 4. I have used this product for 8 months at home & office. Very good product for working women, especially during office hours, easy to change and keep you dry.
  5. Always keep one set ready in the purse, in case you required changing it in the office.
 Why I am not Leaking 

 Many mommies get worried that why I am not leaking like other moms. Is my milk production supply is low? Relax some moms don’t leak at all. It totally depends on women’s bodies, everybody is different from each other. If you are not leaking consult your doctor if she can help otherwise it’s perfectly fine.

One of the Biggest Advantages of Breastfeeding your baby is, that it helps lower the chances of Breast Cancer in Women.

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