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PRO Tips to Store and Freeze Your Breast Milk

breast milk

For a Newborn Mother’s Milk is the only Food which provides Nutrition and Prevents her from any Infections. Storing Mother’s Milk outside Breast is the most critical as it has to be done in a proper and safest way possible. It becomes even more tricky when the mother is a working woman and her babies milk supply need to be stored properly when she is not around her.

You can either opt for Hand Press or Breast Pump as per your convenience.  But, before going any further, you need to understand how you will store your breast milk after pumping it out and that too for one full day. Follow the Below Tips on How to Store and Freeze Breast Milk.

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Important Tips about Storing Breast Milk

1 # Keep the milk on the lower shelf of the fridge (at the innermost side or where temperature variation is minimum), as opening and a closing fridge can increase temperature variation which may allow bacteria to affect the milk.

2 # Always label the breast milk bottle with a time and date, so that you can identify which milk to use first.

3 # Wash your hands before expressing the breast milk by hand.

4 # Sterilize the Breast Pump Machine and Bottles, before storing/expressing milk.

5 # Keep the Expressed Milk in a clean Glass Capped Bottle or BPA-free container.

6 # Avoid buying the Storage Bags, it might get leaked or tear.

7 # Don’t mix the old and fresh breast milk, as it will make you confused about its quality and expiry date.

8 # Don’t mix freshly expressed milk with frozen milk.

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Storing Breast Milk Chart Guidelines for New Parents





Look Out for Below Signs for Breast Feeding Hungry Baby :

Turning his Head Away and moving too much


Crying – unstoppable

Acting Restless


Sucking or licking his hand’s fingers.

Rolling eyes.

Moving head from side to side and looking for your Breast.

Not leaving your Breast after feeding and want to have more.

Source: The Hillingdon Hospitals


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