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Benefits of Using Mustard Pillow (Rai) for Newborn Baby

Mustard Pillow

Mustard Pillow is the product that every parent should have in their baby care product list. There is much reason behind using of Mustard Seeds Pillow since the century, it’s in our tradition & culture.

Why Do People say to Use Mustard Pillow for Newborn Babies?

Actually mustard seeds pillow is highly beneficial for newborn babies. Many people have tried & tested this product and suggest people to use the pillow to avoid the flat head. This pillow gives good support and shape to babies’ heads and gives smooth & relaxing sleep.

Till What Age You Can Use the Mustard Pillow?

People use the pillow just after the birth till the baby turns One Year Old. No harm if you want to use it for further months.

Benefits of Using Mustard Pillow 


Learn How to Make Homemade Mustard Seeds Pillow 

> First of all, make your mind of what size of pillow you want to make. According to that only your size of the pillow will be decided.

> Buy a few kilos of a mustard seed (approx 1.5 kg) from the Grocery Store for making the standard size of the pillow.

> Now wash the seeds and allow it to dry up totally, no moisture should remain in seeds.

> Buy 1-meter soft cotton from the market and try to buy sweat free cloth or Muslin Cloth.

> The Perfect size of pillow would 12 x 12 inches

How to Stitch the Pillow

> Stitch the pillow from three sides and keep one side open to fill the seeds.

> After filling the seeds, pressure the pillow by hand and try to spread it equally.

> If it seems that seeds are overfilled, then remove the extra seeds and again check spread by hand and check whether it’s filled properly or not.

> If you find it difficult in stitching then contact your tailor and get it stitched and you can tell him to take the extra cover.

> Kindly make extra covers for a pillow, this will help you to keep it clean. As not every time you can wash the pillow, on a weekly basis you can change the cover as you do with your bedsheets.

Pillow with Extra Cover

NOTE: Use the pillow only after washing it and keep washing the pillow after every 1 month for hygiene purposes…

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