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Tradition & Logic Behind Used Clothes for Infants

When a Newborn Baby is Born there is a Tradition of Wrapping the Baby in Used Clothes. This has been followed from ancient times. When you were born, your parents must have used old clothes for you. Your Parents & In-Laws must have told you not to buy new clothes for your expected baby by yourself as it’s unlucky/ inauspicious.

Generally, these days New Moms do not believe in any Old Traditions but due to pressure from parents, they have to follow these traditions. There is nothing wrong with following any traditions when it’s about your Baby Safety.

I am not saying that you believe in these traditions but have you ever thought why your Elders have told you to do so. Let’s find out the reasons behind the traditions. And the benefit of using old clothes for your newborn baby.

The Reason behind Using Used Clothes

1) Multiple Washing makes the Used Clothes Fabric Soft

When you Buy New Clothes for Babies, you must have noticed that fabric has been starched. Normally clothes are starch is for aesthetics, and it makes the fabric stiffener.

When the Starch fabric touched or rubbed on baby skin, it creates itching and dryness to infant skin. Therefore, people prefer using old clothes for newborn babies, as it has been multiple times washed and has no side effects.

2) New clothes have some loose parts they can go inside the nose/mouth of babies

Infant’s Babies cannot move their hands in the first week and maybe some loose parts from clothing like thread might stick in their nose or mouth. This will make the baby uncomfortable and can harm the baby like swelling. As small babies have a tendency to put everything in their mouths.

In used clothes, all the loose parts or thread must have been removed already by mothers. So there is no harm in using old clothes for your newborn baby.

3) New Moms don’t know the exact Size or Dimensions for Infant Clothes

Newborn Baby is so small that he cannot imagine or guess what will be his neck, arms, or waist size at the time of birth. Earlier there was no Google or any search engine which will help moms to find the exact size or dimensions to make a new cloth for a newborn baby.

New clothes from the market have zippers & buttons which are not safe for Infants and uncomfortable also.


4) Mothers Don’t Have Time to Make New Clothes for Infants 

Earlier there was no system of getting stitched or tailored clothes for newborn babies. And mothers are so busy in their household works that they do have much time to spend on making new clothes.  And newborn babies required many clothes in starting.

In the absence of diapers at that time, people required many clothes for Newborn Susu & Potty. At Least a newborn baby required 15 changes in a day which need 16 pairs daily. Therefore mothers take used clothes from other moms as help.

5) Difficult to find clothes for Infants in Villages

In Old Times it was difficult to find clothes for newborn babies in the village. Due to the absence of tailored clothes and fewer facilities at the time, parents had no chosen to retain or store the used clothes for their other kids.


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6) Costing also play an important role

Earlier many people do not have extra money to spend on baby clothes, as there resource for income was less and they have only one earning member in the family. And at that time maximum house income comes from the agricultural land, that’s why they don’t want to waste their money on newborn baby clothes.

7) Frequent Size Change

Infant clothes do not come to use after one month. And infants need many clothes to change whether it’s summer or winter season. Normally in the First Year, the baby is in his full growing phase, and their clothes size change very frequently. So there is no need to buy many clothes for infants in the first three months.

8) Due to Harsh Washing Powder

People don’t use good washing powder for cleaning clothes. And the chemicals found in washing powder at that time were not good for the baby’s skin, especially when baby cloth touches the baby’s body, it can create dryness or irritation.

9) Brings Good Luck

It has been believed that Babies who wear old clothes do not come under Evil eyes and bring lots of Good luck & fortune to the family.

10) Avoid Skin Allergic

People say that using old clothes avoid skin allergic to babies. As they have already being used there material has been getting soft. Some clothes can create irritation for baby skin.

NOTE: If have no choice other than using new clothes for your infant baby then be sure that you wash & dry the clothes 3 to 4 times and then use them for the newborn.

Benefits of Using Used Clothes


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