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Online Buying Tips for New Parents (Tip #1/5)

Online Buying Tips
Online Buying Tips for New Parents 
Read Tip No. 1/5

(Tip #1)

Reading Online Reviews is an Art:

Online Buying Tips : The Best way to know about a Product and its Brand is my Reading Reviews and Customer/User Feedback, which is posted by other users. Most of the Websites Publish User Reviews to help their New Users evaluate products and make an informed choice.

Reviews are also becoming main MarketingTools for many Online Brands, so as are educated consumers, we need to be more careful and smart in differentiating between a real and a non real review posted on online shopping website.

Following are a few Online Buying Tips to evaluate reviews.

1 # Quantity and Quality of Reviews:-

Products popularity can very easily checked by number of reviews they have got on shopping website and product quality can be evaluated by the rating, which it has received on its reviews. These 2 parameters are the quick test to know which products are worth spending time on further exploration before buying.

2 # Negative Reviews First:-

Always read negative reviews first as most of the people who had issues with their product always post about same. But many reviews are not always about the product as they can refer to delivery, packing, offers, colors, styles, etc. So, we should try to ignore reviews which are not directly saying about product quality. Most of the relevant Negative Reviews are found in 2/3 stars (on a scale of 1-5)

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3 # Certified Buyer Reviews:-

Many websites allow anyone to post about products, even if they have not bought it. We should always use a filter to read only review posted by certified buyers/users. 

4 # Latest Review First:-

We should always make sure that, we check latest reviews first as most of the companies take feedback from user reviews and improves product quality over the period of time. So, reading most recent reviews gives you better information about the product in consideration (Online Buying Tips)

5 # Seller Review:-

Many times same product is offered by many sellers, so in that case it is equally important to check seller rating and reviews. As bad sellers take lots of time in deliveries and it’s hard to process returns with them.

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6 # Brand Store:-

Always try to find brand own stores on websites to buy products, as they can offer best price and latest products. Also brand stores are quick in deliveries and return.

7 #  3 Policies:-

Always check return policies of brand and sellers as both have their own return/refund policies. Many sellers only offer replace policy in which they can only send a replacement but no refund, we should avoid these types of sellers. Also check time window of return longer is always better.

8 # Offers:-

Especially when buying expensive products make sure you start exploring at least 2 month in advance as you can save big by buying in offers, festival discounts, and limited time deals. Most of websites run these deals at least once per 2 months.


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