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Teenager Post: Why Teens Invest Time on Social Networking Sites

Sometimes I thought that why My Friends and Teenager invest so much time on Social Networking Sites. In this phase of life, teenagers start becoming independent and they have their own new experiences, which they want to share with people around them.

The majority of them are not able to share their experiences with any of the real persons available around them. Actually, they have not left with any other option rather than sharing their images and experiences with the virtual people. Those virtual people actually do not have any importance in their lives.

Parents should take out time for their kids and ask about how their daily routines, friends and try to give them proper attention. Just buying new gadgets and fulfilling all their demands cannot cover up for the lack of attention parents are giving them.

Teenagers are investing more time in the virtual world rather than in the real world because they are assured in the virtual world people would listen & accept them.

Teenager who is not getting enough attention from their loved one’s, tend to spend more time and quite active on social networking sites and the reason behind is that they are not getting enough attention from their family members.


People might have hundreds of friends to give likes on social networking sites but not even single friends to share their bad times’ experiences and looking for a solution from them.

Teenagers must realize that they are a special individual and they should know the importance of keeping their life reserved only for certain important people in their life.

You very well know that the people who actually matter in their lives are your loved ones who are always there for you when you needed them the most, not the people on social networking sites.

Instead of telling the WORLD about how important they are for them, they should tell their loved ones that they matter more, as they are REAL PEOPLE in their life.

Also, telling others into depth about your life is actually going to make your life quite social and available to everybody even those people who are not worth at all in your life.

Instead of Being Available to the World is Better to be Available to who is actually a part of your Life.

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