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5 Tips to Treat Skin Burns in Babies and Toddlers

Skin Burns

Do you know How to Treat Skin Burns in Babies and Toddlers at Home? Are you scared of burning? I think we all are, at some point in time in our lives we have experienced it. When it’s come to the safety of your child, parents can do anything to protect them.

When my niece was 1.5 years old she burned her leg during the process of puja at home. Everyone was worried and start looking for treatment/medicine. Normally we have seen lots of scenes in movies but when we experience the same with us then we all get scared and forget how to do it.

How to Treat Skin Burns at Home

             1#  Silver sulfadiazine cream (two or three times per day)

             2# Aloe Vera Gel

             3#  Toothpaste

            4#  Coconut Oil


How to Take Care of Your Child after Skin Burns
What Not To Do 

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