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Baby Teeth Decay Treatment

Teeth Decay

Let’s figure out what can be the Best Teeth Decay Treatment for Babies and Toddlers, with Experts and Our recommendations.

All parents take the Best care of their Baby’s Teeth but still Cavities and Early Childhood Tooth Decay pops up in many kids in as young as 2 years of age.

Most Common Teeth Problem in Kids are as follows
  1. Cavities > Holes in jaws upper/lower.
  2. Tooth decay> Bacterial infection causing severer tooth damage.
  3. Patches in teeth> Broken enamel in front teeth.
  4. Broken teeth> Partial broken tooth (especially from the front).
  5. Sensitivity in teeth> Pain while eating cold, hot  and hard food items,

We parent must keep a close eye on our kid’s teeth development and keep checking thoroughly at least 2 times per week. When I say thoroughly means you need to check each and every tooth and jaws closely for any cavity or infection.

There are many types of treatments that are available to treat different teeth conditions in kids. You must consult a periodontist, not a normal dentist for taking suggestions. I have personally visited many different periodontists before getting my daughter’s teeth treated.

Important Factors to consider before going for any Baby Teeth Decay Treatment (Tooth Decay)

  1. Always take the second opinion, normally we always take the second opinion about any medical issues, but in the case of baby teeth issues, it is must-have. As that can give you more details about the issue in-hand.
  2. You must know that there are many different treatments and procedures are available to treat same problems in kids, so do your own research properly before zeroing to one treatment.
  3. Root canal treatment is common for even kids these days to restore and make teeth stronger which are already in very bad shape. But you as a parent must understand that till the time your kids are having milk teeth any procedure should be chosen to make sure that permanent teeth growth should not be affected by that treatment.
  4. You must also be aware that there is much research which points that baby teeth can self heal in some of the cases is treated properly without any big procedure

Treatment for Baby Teeth Decay 

As a parent, one product I would definitely recommend is GC Mouse Plus as it was very effective in treating My Daughter’s Teeth Decay and Weak Enamel Issues. This can be used even when your kid is not showing any issues to maintain oral hygiene in your kids. Even I myself started using this on my teeth as well.

Do Consult your Dentist/Periodontist before start using this for yourself/kids.

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