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Baby Primary & Permanent Tooth Eruption Chart

Tooth Eruption

Read about the Important Facts about Baby Primary & Permanent Tooth Eruption & Shedding of Kids which will help them in tracking the Baby Tooth Eruption.

Baby Teeth play a very crucial and important role when we talk about Baby Dental Development. Usually, parents don’t bother and give less importance to Baby Teeth Growth & Stages. It’s very important for your babies to have proper teeth development & growth as per the required age (See Chart Below), so that kids can speak properly, chew food properly & get proper nutrition.

Two Major Stages of Tooth Eruption & Shedding:

1 # Primary Tooth Eruptions which is also known as Baby Teeth:

When babies are around 4 to 6 months old, they start getting their First Tooth Eruption and it always is a Lower Teeth. This whole process of Baby Teeth eruption should get over till they are 3 years old. It has been noticed that these days many babies are getting their first tooth eruption at a late stage and the reason behind in environment and wrong way of Bottle-Feeding.

It’s very important that Baby teeth should erupt as per the below chart. Maybe a little bit up and down for having a good development of the growing jaw and face.

Many Babies get Fever and upset stomach during the teeth eruption period. They also stop eating food for a while. In case your baby health gets worse and you cannot handle it on your own, then please contact your child doctor for medication.

Below is the Chart for Baby Primary Tooth Eruption for Parents Reference

(In case you saw some problem in timing and growth of right way of tooth eruption, call your child dentist doctor)


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2 # Permanent Tooth Development:

Primary Baby teeth start shedding around when kids are 6 to 7 years old and it continues till they are 12 years old. Do you know that Developing healthy teeth and gums creates a foundation for strong adult teeth? There are 20 primary teeth that start eruption at the age of 6 months.

Below is the Chart for Permanent Tooth Development


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