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Baby Teething: FAQs & Home Remedies


Do you have all Knowledge about your Baby Teething Pattern? Many parents don’t take this subject seriously, they think that Baby Teeth are god gifted parts and it will automatically come up. That’s right, but there are a few things which parents should not take it lightly.

This is the worst time for your baby, they go through lots of pain and always feel uncomfortable. Here we are trying to answer all your queries and information related to your Baby’s Teething.

Symptoms or Sign of Baby Teething

(Before tooth eruptions)

Your Baby will start to feel uncomfortable

You will notice swelling in babies gums

Maybe Fever can come up (in most cases it does not happen)

Baby will be irritated whole the time

Maybe your baby starts putting his fingers inside his mouth.

You can see the tooth visible below the gum.

Rubbing the cheeks & ears too much.


Below Are Few Important FAQs related to Baby Teething

Q1) When Will Baby First Tooth will come?

A) Normally, babies’ first tooth erupts after the baby turns 6 months old. And in very rare cases, it has seen that few babies get their first teeth around when they are 4 months old.

Q2) Which Teeth Come First?

A) The bottom front two teeth of babies come up first and after that the top ones (they are called central incisors). After that baby side front teeth show up and it’s called lateral incisors.

Q3) For How many Days this Teething Pain will affect my Baby?

A) Whenever new teeth start coming, babies start to feel uncomfortable. This pain and uncomfortable period will take at least 6 to 7 days (one week).

Q4) Till What Age Baby Full Teeth Come?

A) Babies will get there full set of teeth by the age of 3 years.

Q5) When do permanent teeth replace baby milk teeth?

A) When a child is 4 to 6 years old, till then baby permanent teeth won’t begin to replace the milk teeth of babies.

Q6) What to do when Baby does not have any teeth by the age of one-year-old?

A) There is no need to worry at all; in some cases, it has been noticed that the baby’s first tooth comes up when the baby’s first birthday has been celebrated. There is no science and fundas behind it, just wait.

Q7) When Parents need to see a child dentist?

A) In case your baby does not have single teeth till he is two years old, then definitely there is some wrong. And parents also take the baby to a child dentist. Or maybe you notice something wrong with your baby teeth pattern.

Q8) Is pacifier affect the baby teeth?

A) Normally, pacifier does not affect your baby teethes if it is used in the right way and for a limited period. If you give the pacifier to your baby till he is 4 years old, then diffidently it will affect kids’ permanent teeth.

Q9) Should I clean my baby a few teeth?

A) Yes, it’s important to clean baby teethe to avoid gum infection. And it gives more strength to the baby’s teeth. Plus sooner your baby will adapt the cleaning part and start enjoying it. It will help you in the future.

Q10) Do you know the bottle feed can cause tooth decay?

A) Many doctors advise, not to give babies milk in a bottle at bedtime. It is the major reason behind the baby tooth decay. Currently, my children face this problem below the age of 3 years. Actually, what happened that baby’s teeth are left to expose with sugar liquid whole night and that’s why it affects baby’s teeth. Bottle at bedtime can cause cavities and other dental problems. Therefore, it’s better to avoid the bedtime bottle feed.

Q11) When do baby’s teeth fall out?

A) Kids lose their baby teeth when they are around 6 years old. The baby’s lower teeth are supposed to come first and fall out also first. This whole procedure will be completed by the kid who turns 12 years old.

Q12) When you can take your kid for a first dental check-up?

A) There is no specified time or routine, whenever parents see or notice some unusual thing with your baby teethes, you can visit the dentist.

Q13) How often does a parent need to take the baby to check up to child dentist?

A) In every 6 months, in case you notice some dental problems in your baby teethes.


Home Remedies for Baby Teething Pain

1# Breastfeeding: When a baby has a teething problem, the first thing they do is stopped taking food. At this time breastfeeding can play an important role, as may be baby can refuse the bottle feed too. Try to give breastfeed to your baby more often. Breastfeeding will calm the baby and also help in filling the baby’s stomach.

2 # Extra Mother Love & Affection: At this stage, your baby requires your extra attention and love, as Babies cannot express their feelings and pain. It’s a parent’s duty to understand it and find the solution for the baby. Try to always smooth your baby and give her extra love at the time.

3 # Chilled Teething Ring: Chilled teething rings are different from the baby’s normal rings. You can easily keep this ring in your fridge for a while and after some time give the same chill ring to a baby. Just make it sure that the ring is not too chilled; otherwise the baby will refuse to hold it.

4 # Homeopathic Medicine: Calcarea phosphoric is the best homeopathic medicine for babies. Babies love the taste of this medicine and they will ask for more. Many doctors say that any Homeopathic medicine will not work but there is no harm in trying it, as it contains calcium.

Give at least 4 to 5 small sugar dose to your baby twice or thrice a day. It will be better if you start giving the medicine before the teething pattern starts.

5 # Teething Ring: These days many brands are offering teething rings with filled water in many colors and styles. You can buy one of those teething rings and give to your baby. It will give him a smooth feeling in his gums. Click here to buy the Baby Teething Ring recommend by Doctors.

6 # Rub your baby gums: Give little bit pressure on baby’s gum by your fingers. Please remember that also clean your hand first before putting it in the baby’s mouth, otherwise the chance of infection increases. If possible keep this as your last option, as it’s not very hygienic. Instead of this Teething Rings are good options.


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