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7 Tips to Protect Toddlers & Kids from Indoor Air Pollution

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Indoor Air Pollution : Side Effect on Human Health

These days air pollution is affecting a huge section of our society and people, especially people with asthma, heart disease, respiratory diseases, older adults, diabetes patience’s and pregnant women. According to doctors & experts, it can be a very dangerous for our Kids Future, as school going kids are exposing too much to outdoor air pollution which are affecting their health and causing them lungs affection & asthma.

Why, it’s important to limit or restrict the dusty miles and mold that pollutes are house air. As, it can be a reason of causing various health issues and problems like Nose stuffiness, coughing, Eyes & Throat irritation and wheezing.

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7 Tips to Protect Toddlers & Kids from Indoor Air Pollution

 1 # Avoid Smoking Inside the House

Say No to smoking inside the house and this is especially for dads. Please avoid smoking inside or outside your home. You must be already knowing its side effects on your health, but smoking can be the biggest reason behind your home bad air. Therefore, Parents should make a rule of avoiding smoking inside the house premises.


2 # Balance your House Ventilation System

It’s your responsibility to give your family clean air to breathe, to give them Healthy Life. You should always consider to buy a Home or Apartment, which has good ventilation. Fresh Air will keep replacing the polluted air with fresh air inside the home.

In case, your current house does not have a good ventilation system, you need to do something. See all the possibilities and try to contact some local interior decorator to help you.  For good ventilation, it’s important to keep your kitchen window always open, so that all smog from cooking goes out of the window.

During, evening time, open all your house doors and windows to welcome the fresh air. But, in case you are living in India, especially in cities, where there is a red alert the about the outdoor air, please avoid opening the doors in the evening. Consider, some other time, as per your city guidelines.

 3 # Keep your Pets Clean

Do you know, that your pets fury brings in a lot of allergens, which needs to be taken care of. Don’t allow your pets to sit on sofa or beds, as they left their hair and dander particles. Try to keep your pets clean, as much as possible, to avoid unwanted health issues. Some Air Purifier also has filter, which removes the hair and dander particles.

4 # Avoid Excess use of Cleaning Agent

Generally, Indoor Air Pollution arise from the use of open fires, unsafe fuels or combustion of perfumes, spray, polishing material and cleaning agents. Therefore, you should be cautions, in what quantity you are using the cleaning agents in your home. Always, keep the cleaning agents in the corner of your home, may be in some balcony. Also, avoid the natural fragrance spray, as they can produce dangerous pollutants indoors.


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Source : LG Air Purifier

5 # Purchase an Indoor Air Purifier

People should consider to purchase an Air Purifier to get rid of dust and to improve the indoor air quality of their home. It’s very important for Head of the Family, to think about buying an Air purifier. Especially, if you have a pregnant woman in the house, Infants or Toddlers at home. For their health and to keep them safe from unwanted health issues. There are many brands in the market offering the reasonable air purifier. You don’t need to buy any expensive air purifier, the buy which suites your family requirement.

Here are 3 Best Brands offering reasonable air purifier – Honeywell Lite Indoor Air Purifier, Kent Alps Plus and LG Air Purifiers.

6 # Purchase Air-Cleaning Plants (Indoor Plants)

1) Rubber Plant (Ficus robusta): Most effective at removing formaldehyde from indoor air and easy to maintain. They take less space in our homes, and they need a semi-sunlight to breathe. They absorb exhaled carbon dioxide and convert it to breathable oxygen.

2) Bamboo palm (Also Know as Reed palm): This plant has an ability to remove formaldehyde from the air, trichloroethylene and benzene (chemical from detergents, lubricants, industrial solvent).

3) Areca Palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens): Many people prefer to keep this plant in their Living Room. It has the ability to absorb poisonous gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide from the air and Pharmaldehyde and give us a clean oxygen in our houses.

4) Snake Plant / Mother-In-Law’s Tongue (Sansevieria Trifasciata): People generally prefer to put this plant in their Bedroom Area. The best part of this plant is that, it converts carbon dioxide into oxygen in the night too and give fresh Air in Bedroom area.

5) Money Plant (Epipremnum Aureum):Normally, people has this myth with this plant that by keeping this plant in the room, the flow of money will increase. But, many people do not know that Money Plant cleans the chemical toxins from the air and releases fresh air into the atmosphere.

Below are few more Indoor Plants, you can consider purchasing.

Golden Pothos (Scindapsus Aures)

Lady Palm (Rhapis excelsa)

Dracaena “Janet Craig” (Dracaena deremensis)

Philodendron (Philodendron sp.)

7 # Some More Common Tips

> You can consider buying a dehumidifier to control moisture & allergies.

> Keep your Kitchen doors or window open, for ventilation.

> Try to dry the clothes outside under the sunlight. Avoid drying the wet clothes inside the house balcony. And in case, if you don’t have any choice (winter season), then always remember to open the windows.

> Make a routine to clean your home Air conditioner filters, especially air wings on every weekend, to keep the dust particles away from your bedroom or living room.

> Regularly clean or vacuum your house often.

> Say no to use of chemical cleaning material, air fresheners and decorative candles

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