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How to Give a Happy Life to Your Toddler : 10 Tips


Raising a Happy Toddler or Child is the biggest challenge in front of many Parents. We all want to give Happy, Joyful, and Comfortable & Safe life to our Babies, Toddlers & Kids. But unfortunately, in doing lots of things for our Kids, we get confused between what is right or wrong for them.

As a parent, it’s our duty to Follow and Guide our Toddler and Kids in the right direction by teaching them Good Values. But before teaching them anything, have you done your Homework. Let’s discuss how we can Raise and give a Happy Life to our Toddler and Kids.

10 Simple Ways to Raise a Happy Toddler

1 # Provide them Good Family Atmosphere:

Family atmosphere plays an important role in toddler life when it’s come to a good upbringing. Happy Family means happy and joyful people in one family. It’s very important that parents should respect each other in front of their kids, to set a good example. And they should give the same respect and love for their child too.

Kids are smart enough to understand and notice any uncomfortable atmosphere or fights in the family. Therefore, parents should never fight in front of their kids and always try to avoid any unwanted arguments. For you, it’s important that as a responsible parent, you give them a good & a comfortable life and atmosphere, to raise them happily.

2 # Give them Healthy Lifestyle:

Healthy Lifestyle means Healthy Body, Mind, and Healthy Eating Habits. Parents should always try to include high-quality foods in a toddler’s diet. Kids are always fussy when it’s come to eat healthy foods. Many parents have to struggle a lot to make their kids eat healthy and nutritious foods at home. A healthy diet is a diet that helps to maintain or improve overall kids’ health.

Good eating habits will help them to have good growth & development later in life. This will help them to have a healthier life and a better IQ (Brain Development). You can give them foods that are high in protein, fiber, and iron, which will also help in boosting the kid’s brain and try to include that in their daily routine. You can adapt any way or a method, which can help you in including health and nutrition foods in a toddler’s diet, as you know your child better than anyone else.


3 # Get yourself involved in your Kids Daily Routine:

Involvement in a kid’s life can give you a big opportunity to know them better. Playing Games or taking interest in their Life, will make them happy and cheerful child. Toddlers and Kids just love playing with their parents and if they have given a chance then they will love to spend and play the whole day.  Parents just need to take out some time from their busy schedules and spend with their toddlers, especially where both parents are working.

4 # They Need Extra Love & Care when they are Not Well:

Health plays an important role in toddler growth & development. Whenever your child is going through any medical issues like fever, cough, flu, etc, it’s gotten important for parents to be around them, to give them love and support. Kids feel more comfortable and secure when they find their parents standing next to them in their hard times. Let your kid understand and feel your love and affection, this will help in building a strong bonding between two of you.

5 # Control Your Anger In front of them:

Many times, our parents start yelling and screaming at our kids to take out our office or work frustration at home. This can be the reason behind the sad & over-emotional behavior of our kids. We parents just need to have patience while dealing with our kids.

Unwanted Scolding will prevent our kids to open in front of us and share their feelings; they may develop an attitude that will be difficult to change in the future. We must let them know what the reason of this scolding is and how they should behave in the future. Kids imitate and learn what they see around them, so we should try to be as calm as possible in front of them, being calm does’, it means that we should not let them know about their mistake, but it means that you try to help them prevent a repetition of the same in the future.

6 # Mind your Tone and Language:

Never ever speak in a harsh tone with your child. Your child is smart enough to identify between your good or bad tone. You should never use abusive language in front of their kids. Parents should make sure that they speak in Good language in front of toddlers, as it’s a part of a good upbringing. You should try to add some good vocabulary while talking to their kids. This will help them to have a good command of their English and help them to have a bright future.

7 # Give them their Own Space:

Just Like you, your child also needs his own space, where he or she can do whatever they want and that to without any interruptions. Let your toddler or kid have fun in his own style. Kids love exploring new things and parents should never interfere between their creativity and imagination, let them explore and identify themselves.

8 # Solve their Problem & Issues:

Kids need their parents when he or she is going through the bad phase. When something goes wrong in our kid’s life, they accept their parents to solve it. Tell your child that you are always there for them and you will never leave them alone in any problems. It’s just that as a parent you have to tell your kid to trust you and have faith in you.

9 # Control your Child Mood Swings:

Controlling your child’s emotions is going to be a tough task, as they are sensitive and shy. Sometimes unintentionally, parents hurt their kid’s feelings so strongly that it can leave a bad impact on them. Therefore, it’s important that parents should understand their child’s behavior and mood swings. Parents have to deal with their child mood swings from the age of 12 months onwards until they are 10 to 12 years old.

To give a happy life to your child, it’s important for you to control their mood swings, anger, and frustration. Handle your child with a cool and calm mind, tell him what is right and wrong for them. Teach your child problem-solving skills, so that they can solve their own problems and can control their own mood swings.

10 # Don’t Scold them in Front of Strangers:

Happy kids mean happy family and parenting. It’s a very simple parenting tip that parents should never scold their toddlers or kids in front of outsiders. We all know that kids behave differently in front of guests and strangers may be due to anxiety, lack of confidence, shyness or they are scared. Therefore, it’s important for parents to handle their kids with love, warmth, and care.

Kids are too cute and simple from inside that you can easily manipulate them. So there is no need to scold or scream on than unnecessary, just raise your kid with love and affection.


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