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Side Effects of Anxiety on Pregnancy


Read carefully about the Side Effects of Anxiety on Women’s – Before, During, and Post-Pregnancy. Almost 50% of women are going through Anxiety Disorder, coz of their Stressful life, and Family History. 

Women who are already having an Anxiety Issue and are planning to have a baby, it’s important for then to understand their Anxiety Disorder effects on their Pregnancy and Baby. And, what they should do to overcome this problem of Anxiety during Pregnancy.

Perinatal Anxiety (Anxiety Problem Before Pregnancy)

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Note: If Perinatal Anxiety is not treated or control before pregnancy then it could result in the loss of fetus (baby).


Anxiety During Pregnancy 

Note: Anxiety during Pregnancy will create an emotional problem, hyperactivity disorder, and disturbance in the cognitive development of your child. You suddenly raise heartbeat will also affect your baby health.


Postpartum Anxiety 

Note: Consult the Best Doctor for your Anxiety Disorder, your doctor may recommend Therapy, Support, and Medication as per your old history. Please don’t forget to tell your doctor, if you’ve taken an Antidepressant or Anti-anxiety Medication in the past and if you’re Breastfeeding your Baby.


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