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Baby Height & Weight Growth Chart

Growth Chart

Baby Growth Chart of Height & Weight for the First Year 

A Simple & Easy way to understand your Baby Growth Chart of Height & Weight in First Year (0-12 Months). Many parents don’t bother to track their Baby Height & Weight Growth Chart for the whole year. After the 6 months of baby age, parents lose their interest in baby height & weight growth, especially in height growth.

Parents can keep track of their Baby Growth at home only through Growth Charts available online. But many parents find it difficult to understand the Height & Weight Growth Chart due to its complexity.

Therefore, we have tried to make a simple height & weight growth chart for Presents to track their baby growth. The below chart is just for your reference, just don’t depend on it totally. As every baby has a different pattern of growth, but for parents to track their baby’s growth, this chart will help them.

Baby Weight Growth Chart


Baby Growth Chart is made to help parents to understand their baby’s health conditions. And in case of parents see some downfall in their baby growth then they should consider contacting the Child Doctor. There is nothing to worry about, but it’s important to track your Baby Growth for any future unfortunate situation. Therefore, parents should always keep checking and comparing their baby’s growth with the help of the Growth Chart available online.

It’s very important for parents to understand that weight & height both play an individual role in babies’ & kids’ growth. And not to give importance to weight growth chart only, as many parents do.

Actually, parents never thought that baby height matters too in comparison to baby weight. They give more emphasis on baby weight in our families.

What mistakes parents do is that they wait for their babies’ vaccination due time, to get information about their Baby Growth from the Child Doctor. Parents have no other choice but to depend on the doctor for the information. And the reason behind this is that it is due to less information available online.


Baby Height Growth Chart

Source : WHO Organization

How to Increase Your Baby Growth

Moms Should Do Breastfeeding to baby minimum-till she turns 6 Months Old.

By Introducing Health Food after Baby is 6 Months Old.

Keeping baby away from any kind of sickness. And in case of sickness provide immediate treatment

Maintain baby food habits throughout the first year.

Involve playing time in baby’s daily routine.

Allow them to crawl and walking freely at the home.

Make some vacant space for the kid to play.

Take him outdoors to play and explore new things.

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