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Rashes in Baby after Oil Massage

Which Brand Baby Oil Massage are you Using? Is this Brand Oil is suiting your Baby Skin or Not? 

What if she/he develops Rashes from it.? These are some questions which many First Time Moms googled and searched online. Read below my own experience of giving a full body massage to my daughter and what kind of trouble I faced.

I have started giving my daughter an oil massage when she was 7 days old and after her umbilical cord falls off. As usually I have done my homework earlier and selected the massage oil for her. The reason behind giving the massage to babies is to strengthen baby bones and improve blood circulation. Massage improves baby health, growth, and development and relaxes the baby body parts too.

I started giving her massage from Extra Virgin Pure Olive Oil after reading its benefits but may be due to peak summertime she develops small red spots all over her body. When I touch those red spots she feels a little bit uncomfortable. Every newborn had different skin quality and being a mom it’s important for us to understand that.

Believe me, sometimes taking our elder advice are beneficial. My mother told me to change the oil immediately. She suggested trying coconut oil as compared to Olive oil. This time I have done the oil testing on her hands before giving her a massage from coconut oil. In summer coconut oil gives her a cool feeling and its natural treatment for cradle cap or any other remedies.

My doctor suggests me to stop giving her massage for a few days and start when it’s gone completely. After using coconut oil she does not develop any kind of rash on her body/face and she was quite happy too.  Please don’t use the oil on her face because it can cause red spots due to heat.

Please choose the baby oil for massage according to the baby body type, don’t forget to do the oil testing method before introducing any new oil.

And don’t get confused between the rashes from oil with other kinds of rashes.

Giving an oil massage to baby’s every day improves their digestion system and helps them to have good sleep. As people say babies grow more when they sleep. You can also give them a little bit of massage in the night too so that they can sleep tight and long.

Please remember one thing that once you notice a Rashes or Red Spot on your BABY SKIN, then immediately stop giving the massage to your child for a while, until it’s gone totally. You can consider changing the Oil Brand if you think that is the reason behind the rashed.


Which Massage Oil Use in Summer 

1) Only Coconut Oil – Best oil and suitable for every baby skin.

2) Olive Oil – Popular these days, but does not suit every baby’s skin.

Which Massage Oil Use in Winters 

1) Mustard Oil – Keep baby body warm in winters and it’s not true that after using it baby skin color gets dark.

2) Olive Oil – You can try this in the winter season.

3) Dabur Lal Tai – Dabur Lal is one of the Best Oil, you can use it. I have used this on my baby for 3 months in the winter.

4) Almond Oil – Good for skin and hair.

5) Castor Oil – Not suitable for all skins type, it’s good for dry skin

6) Sesame Oil – Not suitable for all skins type, it’s good for dry skin




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