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Baby Crying : 7 Useful Tips to Soothe Your Crying Baby

Baby Crying

Step 1 # Breastfeeding:

Most successful and tried and tested formula, which generally works on every Baby. Breastfeeding is like an addiction for babies, in case they are not hungry, they will suck it and sleep for an hour. It’s important here to notice that sucking can soothe your baby in a minute. You can buy a Breastfeeding Pillow, which will help to soothe the crying Baby and easy to hold. Check the Recommended Catalog, specially made for New Moms.

Step 2 # Change your Breastfeeding Position:

Many less new moms are aware that their breastfeeding position can play an important role in soothing the crying baby. It’s like a miracle when mothers change their feeding position and it gives a more comfortable feeling to the baby and helps them to suck the nipples properly.

Some women feel comfortable feeding a baby while sitting and others feel comfortable in a lying position (sleeping position). Read about the out Tips on Breastfeeding and Baby Holding Position.

Step 3 # Put Your Baby Closer to Your Body:

The feeling of closeness and the warmth from your body again can help in soothing the baby. Your babies love their parent’s touch. But for parents, it’s crucial to understand that you need to hold the baby softly and don’t cover your body too much. Like babies don’t like their toes and face to cover by any cloth, it gives them a feeling of suffocation. Hold them with both hands, and that too in a proper way. Don’t hold the baby near your stomach, hold them near your chest.

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Step 4 # Don’t Over Dress Them:

Most silly mistakes, which many parents make while dressing them. Don’t overdressed or suffocate your child. Maybe due to less air, they may feel a little bit uncomfortable and the way to express their uncomforted, they start crying. Maybe this is the reason why your baby is crying too much at one time, to show you his/her concern.


Step 5 # Have your Baby taken a Proper Burp:

Burp after feeding is necessary for babies to feel comfortable. Sometimes, the baby takes a long time to take burp and many parents don’t bother to wait for a longer time, which is not good for them. Parents need to have patience, in case your baby doesn’t take burp regularly, just keep swaddled them on the back for 10 to 15 minutes. Learn how to give proper burp to babies in our other article.

Step 6 # Give A Baby Body Massage:

Sometimes a little bit of body massage can relax your baby and give them relief from the pain. Give your child a full body massage with a smooth hand and try to put a little bit of pressure on the stomach area, maybe he/she has some gas problem. Give an oil massage to baby on the stomach & other parts to relax her and for better sleep.

Step 7 # Talk a Walk: 

Keep your baby on the shoulder and take a small walk inside the house. Sometimes distraction really works. Or, maybe your baby loves walking and he/she just wants to take a closer feeling with you. Keep your baby on the shoulder and swaddle their back.

Reasons Behind Crying Baby

> Check if the stomach/abdomen region is swollen/tight/appeared hard on touching.

> This can be due to bloating/gas formation which is very common as the Toddler mainly feeds on milk.

> In case your baby is overtired after playtime, they start crying due to pain in the body.

> Maybe He/She is Teething – LOOK FOR A SIGN  

> Maybe He/she is Over Tired after Play Time

Check whether the baby is having a Fever or not






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