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How to Become a Perfect Working Mother: Baby & Caregiver


If you are a Working Mom, then you must be worried about leaving your Baby or Toddler with Caregiver back at Home. Working Moms start getting horrible dreams when their maternity leaves are going to expire.  For them the biggest challenge is to train their baby caregiver in perfect manner, so that caregiver can take care of Baby or Toddler in well manner way.

Some moms have options to leave their baby with their in-laws (other family member in-house). But then also they need to hire a caregiver or nanny to look after the baby. As Elders in the family cannot do all the work related to baby, parents need to hire a caregiver to give her full attention only to baby.

Below are the Few Tips How Moms can Train their Baby or Toddler Caregiver

Make a Baby Daily Routine Food Chart:

For moms the most important thing is to explain the caregiver about your baby or toddler food intake. Tell the caregiver about your baby daily eating routine and especially if your baby is allergic to some food. Tell her how much milk she should give to baby a one time and how to prepare the milk in bottle.

Once your baby crosses the age of 6 months, she need to introduce to solid food, that’s why it’s become necessary to teach your caregiver how to prepare baby food. Also inform your caregiver to give the food to baby on time. Tell her to start preparing the baby lunch 15 minutes before the lunch time. If possible make the baby food in morning and tell the caregiver to microwave it and serve to baby.

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Teach her How to Give Full Body Oil Massage to Baby:

Giving your baby a full body oil massage is very important for the healthy bones. Normally people say mother should give the massage to babies till they turn one year old. It’s like a requirement for a healthy baby.

You can easily teach your caretaker how to give oil massage to baby. Tell her how much pressure she should use on baby body. She should softly moves her hand and not gives strong massage. The best way to teach her is to show her practically. Give a demon in front of her; show her how you are giving the massage to baby from front and back. Al least repeat this twice in front of her and the best thing is to tell her one day to give massage in front of you, so that you can check it.

Pack One Week Clothes:

You are leaving your baby and caregiver at her nani place (your mother home). Then it became important for you to pack the clothes & diaper bags. Moms should pack the clothes for whole one week in advance, so that you do not need to pack clothes every day for baby.

You can do the same, if you leave the baby back at your home with caregiver alone. Show the baby wardrobe to caregiver and arrange the baby clothes at one side for once week.

Tell her about the Cameras Placed in Home:

Whether you have installed ot cameras or not, it’s important to scare the caregiver a little bit by showing them cameras. If you don’t have the cameras in home, then also show them some dummy cameras and scared them. Best would be if you seriously have some cameras in your home. In this way, you and your husband both can keep an eye on your baby & caregiver. You can easily monitor your baby day.

Give her Sterilized Bottle by Yourself:

Always sterilized your baby feeding and water bottles by yourself. Don’t rely on them, it will just take 10 minutes in morning. Buy a good bottle stabilizer from the market and sterilized minimum 3 bottles for your baby. The number of bottles will depend your baby feed, do according to that.

Make Small Box of Foods Snacks: 

Make small boxes of snacks & fluids for your baby. Tell the caregiver to give those snacks to baby after every one hour in whole day. By doing this you are making it sure that your baby is not hungry and having good food. Whatever your snacks or chips your baby like pack it in small boxes and inform the caregiver how and when to give.

Pack your Baby Favourite Toys:

again if you are leaving your baby at your mother place (nani house), then pack the baby favourite toys in a bag. Babies love their toys and do want to share it. It’s important to pack some toys, so that babies do not feel bored and have fun at your mother place. And if there are no toys, then how will your baby will play and enjoy full day.

Tell her to Feed Baby in High Chair:

High chair plays an important role, when it’s come to feeding your baby. It’s important for you to make your baby sit at one place and have food. In high chair baby feels more comfortable and eat food easily. For your caregiver also it will be easy to feed her.

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Download Rhymes in Pen Drive and give it to Caregiver:

It will be not easy for your caregiver to entertain your baby full day. Babies will see some watch with family members or with caregiver. To control the baby cartoons, it will be best if you download some good rhymes for her from YouTube and attach to your TV through pen drive.

You can tell the caregiver to play the rhymes when she feed the lunch to baby in afternoon. Baby will also see some good education rhymes and it will be easy to put high chair in front of TV and feed the baby.

Explain your Baby Sleeping Pattern:

Explain your caregiver about your baby sleeping time. How much sleep should your baby must take. What are the times when your baby sleep in a day and for how many hours.

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Give her Extra Pack of all Baby Medicines:

Whether baby is at your place or at your mother place, always give one extra medicine box to caregiver for any emergency. Keep fever medicine, cough, cold, nose, throat etc, ask the small list from your child doctor and give to her.

Store Extra Baby Products for Emergency:

Maximum time what will happened that suddenly your caregiver will say that mam, baby diaper is going to finished or some baby cream, soap, powder, baby food etc. To avoid these situation always keep a back up plan and store some extra socks of every product. And on every Sunday check your baby product list and buy the items beforehand.

Tell her to Use Mosquito Repellent:

Tell you caregiver about the important of mosquito repellent and when she should use it on baby dress. Plus show her how and where to use mosquito repellent. Especially in monsoon it’s important to save babies from mosquito bites.

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