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How to Use Baby High Chair For Feeding Purpose

Baby High Chair

Many parents are using Baby High Chair for feeding purpose in comparison to running behind the babies; these days’ parents are choosing Baby High Chair to feed them.

Friends, I am not selling you any brand of Baby High Chair. I just want to help moms who are actually finding it difficult to feed their babies or toddlers, just like me.

Are you facing trouble in feeding your baby? Is your baby is fussy in eating foods? Find below points and FAQs to answer all your queries.

Benefits of Using Baby High Chair to Feed Them

It will help you to fix the Mealtime.

Baby can sit in one place and have dinner.

No running behind the baby anymore.

Easy to serve and feed the baby.

Build the habit of eating food at the dining table

It will not allow the baby to spill the food all over the house.

Baby will learn the habit of eating food by his own hands

You can buy a high chair at a reasonable price.

High Chair comes with Feeding Tray, which is useful for babies to explore varieties of food at one time.

Use the Baby high chair in traveling.

It’s easy to maintain and lightweight and it comes easily in-car boot.

2 Best Ways to Use Baby High Chair in Home

1 # On Bed in Front of Television:

You must be wondering why I am saying to put a high chair on the bed and serve the food in front of the Television. Actually, it’s the best way to feed your baby and why I am saying this, let me explain. You can put the high chair on the bed and put the rhymes of Television. There are many rhymes for babies to learn on YouTube. You can download those rhymes in pen drive and play at home.

You can easily control what your babies or toddlers are watching, show them good education rhymes on alphabetic, counting numbers, animals names, identify fruits, etc. It will keep their interest in food and grab their attention.

You can buy Booster Seat from Fisher-Price it is one of the perfect options for babies under the age of 18 months. Babies can put their legs on the bed comfortably and can watch the TV.


2 # On Dining Table Chair:

Parents can keep the Baby High Chair on a dining chair or any other chair. Serve the food to baby on the dining table with a family member; this will help your fussy baby to eat food easily.

You can move the booster seat on the chair and can move it in the home. If you want you can keep the high chair in the balcony if you want to change the atmosphere. Baby is totally safe on the high chair as it comes with all the safety measure and safety belt.

You can buy High Chair or Booster Seat from Chicco or Babyhug, it is one of the perfect options for babies above the age of 18 months.


FAQ’s by Parents Regarding Baby High Chair

Q) What is the right age to introduce High Chair to feed your baby?

A) Perfect age would be 6 months old and baby can sit without any support on the chair. You will find the high chair for the babies from 6 months old to 3 years.

These days many types and style of the high chair are available in the market. Buy what is best for your baby as per your requirement.

Q) Is it important to use a high chair belt or strap to hold your baby on a high chair?

A) Yes, it’s very important and its must for your baby safety. Always use a belt and strap for safety purpose. You can avoid it on the bed, if your baby does not like it.

Q) Is it helpful in feeding a fussy baby?

A) Yes, it will help you to serve several food items on high chair front table with a water bottle, as modern high chairs have a water holder and enough space to put varieties in front of babies. Plus it will help you to feed your baby at one place.

Q) Is using Baby High Chair is safe for small babies?

A) Oh Yes, it’s totally safe for babies. Many chairs have 5 point safety harness which provides essential safety for the baby. It has a comfortable seat and footrest.

Q) Can you wash the feeding tray or whole Baby High Chair?

A) Yes, you can easily wash the high chair by any brand of washing powder. And I will suggest you wash the feeding tray every time after your baby mealtime or feeding time gets over. It will help you to maintain hygiene.


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