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Indian Baby Food Chart: 0-12 Months (With Feeding Tips)

Baby Food
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Baby Food Chart
When is the Right Time to Start Solid Foods
Baby Food Checklist and Tips
Food Allergies in Babies
Symptoms of Food Allergy in Babies

Hi Mommie, This Baby Food Chart will help you to know When & What Baby Food you should start giving to our little one. You will find many Baby Food Chart online and must be wondering what is different in this Food Chart.

Mostly, you will find the same list of Fruits < Vegetables < Grains < Protein in every food chart posted by another website. And the reason behind this is because only a few items and limited options you have to start with babies in food options. You just can’t give anything to babies for eating purposes.

Below Baby Food Chart is for your reference, choose the Food from the below list which your family members eat and you suppose to bring it often in your house. Plus guess according to you What Food, Vegetable, Cereals, etc items your Baby will like in SOLIDS.



When is the Right Time to Start Solid Foods (Baby Food)?

Most of the Babies are ready to taste and have Solid Foods when they are 6 months old. Babies are ready to develop taste buds and ready to have taste solid foods.

Below are few Signs of Starting Solids If Your Baby:-

Note: Please note that whatever food you give to your baby, don’t forget to a lookout of any kind of allergy or infection.

Baby Food Checklist and Tips, before Starting Solid Foods to Babies 

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Food Allergies in Babies

Do you know that breastfeeding is the best protection from allergies? But when you start introducing solid food with breastfeeding, it’s important to keep yourself alert for certain food types that can cause allergy in your baby. Below are a few lists of items to be careful of:-




Cow’s Milk



Symptoms of Food Allergy in Babies

Swelling of the Face, Eyes, or Lips



Rashes or redness of the skin

Red hot pimples



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