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Recipe of Chicken Soup for Babies & Toddlers


Chicken Soup

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How to Make Chicken Soup For Babies & Kids at Home (Step by Step).

Yummy way to Make Chicken Soup Recipe For Babies & Kids at Home. 

Step 1 : Wash the chicken pieces in running water and clean it well.

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Step 2: Put the Chicken, Chopped Onions and chopped Garlic in Pressure Cooker and put 3 to 4 glass of RO water.

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Step 3: Wait for minimum 6 vessels to go for opening the pressure cooker.

Step 4: After steam is release keep the boiled chicken pieces aside on plate to get it cool.

Step 5: Segregate the chicken soup water with the help of strainer and put the soup water in stainless steel bowl aside.

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Step 6: Grind the boiled chicken pieces in mixer and make it in fine paste.

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Step 7: Press the chicken paste through strainer and let the residue left in the strainer.

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Step 8 :Add salt and pepper.

Step 9 : Bring to boil over high heat.

Step 10 : Serve the chicken soup with butter inside to kids.

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Can a Baby have Chicken Soup?

Yes, Baby must have chicken soup after some age. It helps babies to fight with colds and many other health issues. You can introduce Chicken Soup to Babies between 8 to 9 months old. It helps babies have more protein, zinc, and iron. It’s very good for baby bones and growth.

What are the different ways to serve Chicken Soup to Babies? 

The best way to give chicken soup to babies under the age of 1.5 is in a Bottle and another way is to serve them in a bowl or cup. Babies love feeding themselves.

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