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10 Best Ways to Keep Your Baby Safe in the Winter Season

winter season

How To Prepare Your Baby for First Winter Season? Find the Tips, adopted by Many New Parents to Safe and Take Care of their Little One in the Winter Season. Your Baby, needs your Extra Care and Attention, especially in the Winter Season.


Massage Your Baby on Daily Basis:

Some mothers got confused and have doubts in their minds, whether to give massage to babies in Winter or Not. Do you know that massaging your child is highly recommended by doctors and experts? But, it’s important that you choose the correct Baby Massage Oil as per the season. We recommend Mustard/Almond Oil in cold weather and  Olive /Chamomile Oil in wet and hot weather.

Massage will keep your Baby warm and relaxed Plus massage will help your Baby develop stronger and flexible Bones especially in winters,  As babies are covered in multiple layers for most of the time of the day, and their outdoor activities are also limited due to excessive cold.


Don’t Skip Baby Daily Bath Schedule:

Just because it’s wintertime we should not skip the daily bath routine, in fact, it is even more important to give your babies a good bath to keep them feeling fresh and clean in winters. Babies enjoy warm bathtubs in winters, we just need to make sure that the temperature is maintained properly for the water inside the tub and in the room where babies will change dress.

Don’t let your Baby play in the tub for a longer time. Plus, also check the water temperature at regular intervals to make sure no increase of decrease in water temperature as it may make a baby uncomfortable.

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Cover your Baby in Warm Hooded Bathrobe:

If you haven’t bought the bathrobe for your Baby yet, then it’s a good time to buy a warm, hooded bathrobe for your baby, especially for the winter season. A normal Towel will not keep your baby warm enough, Also the towel will take more time in making your baby dry. Therefore, it will be a good idea to buy a warm hooded bathrobe, as it will help you to Dress Up Your Baby easily and quickly in winter.

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Arrange your Baby Clothes and Other Essential items beforehand:

It’s very important to arrange your Baby’s Clothes, moisturizers, Diapers, Lotions, and Powders, etc, in one place. This will help you with lots of ways to keep your Baby away from catching fever and cold due to extended time in getting them dressed. Because it has been seen that many mothers start taking out the items from the baby wardrobe after they bring a baby from the bath.

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Dress Up your Baby in Layers:

Your Baby needs at least  2 or 3 layers of clothes like a warm vest, warmer (upper and lower), T-Shirt, Half Sweater, Jackets, Woolen Lower, Gloves, and Caps, etc. I know, it sounds like Uff, so many clothes for Little One, but it’s like a necessity for your Baby’s Health and Safety. If you need to take your baby out in a car/van for shopping or for some other work then making sure that baby clothes (overcoat/jacket) are warm enough to keep them comfortable.

If you don’t have a proper heating system installed in your house (which is the case with many Asian countries where the winters are only for 2/3 months) then the importance of warm clothes is even more as we need to safeguard them in our home itself.

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Regularly Moisturize your Baby:

A moisturizer will keep your baby’s skin soft and beautiful. Many mothers complain about dry skin and dryness in the winter season, due to that baby always feel uncomfortable and keep on scratching their legs and hands. You need to moisturizer your Baby Full Body at least 2 or 3 times a day, to keep them away from drying.


Don’t Stop Breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding works like a magic for your Baby, which keeps her warm and comfortable. Mother Milk has many benefits most important being increasing immunity to fight from germs and infections. Plus, the mother’s body heat also helps babies relax and warm which is most important for a good sleep. Therefore, many ladies find it difficult to stop breastfeeding to their Toddlers in the winter season, as the warm and the emotional feeling is too high in winters.

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Maintain the Room Temperature:

Many houses have centralized heating in their houses to cope with the winter season. This is the perfect way to keep baby warm, as room heaters dry up the human body and also create breathing problems. Therefore, it’s not advisable to put room heaters (blowers) near the babies, in case you have no options but to use the heater, then place it as far as possible from the baby and make sure regular ventilation is also provided to maintain oxygen levels of the room. It is advisable to use radiators (oil-based) instead of the filament-based heaters in rooms to keep them warm in winters as they tend to limit bad effects on the human body.

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One Bowl of Soup every day:

Once you have started giving solid to your Babies, it’s time to include one bowl of soup in your Baby’s Diet. Baby and Toddlers, both love the light hot soup in the winters, as it will help them to feel warm from inside. You can try our Chicken Soup recipe, to keep him warm and it’s tasty too.

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Use Light Weight Warm Blanket:

Please don’t buy a heavy blanket, as it will put extra pressure on your baby body. Again, you can use 1 or 2 different types of blanket for your Baby, just the way you will dress up your Baby in layers, you can adopt the same theory in putting the blanket over the baby at the time of sleep.

We need to make sure blankets are made as per age group so buy blankets that are best suited for your baby, it should be warm, soft, and attractive at the same time.



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