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Eating Habits of Babies and Toddlers

Developing Good Eating Habits in your Baby and Toddler at Early Age involves lots of Hard Work from Parents. At the Age of Six Months, your Child is ready to explore the Food Items around him. Here are some ideas to help you Promote and Build Healthy Eating Habits in your child:


> Starting to Sit Up alone by Six Months on Booster Chair/ High Chair
> Ready to Eat Purees and Cereal
> Start taking Small Bites off food
> Chews by moving food to the sides of the mouth
> At this stage, babies love to pick up food with their Fingers/Palms and puts in mouth.
> Hold their bottle by their hands and be able to differentiate between their Milk and Water Bottle.
> Begins to make a mess during their Eating Time.
> Baby will swallow strained foods by the time he or she is 6 months old
> Offer the Mashed tofu/beans/chickpeas, etc food to your baby.
> At Six Months, you should give 2 or 3 Feeding per day to your Baby, and 1 to 2 snacks. Don’t forget to Breast Feed your Baby along with Solid Food.


Started using Thumb and Finger to pick up small food pieces.
> Can easily hold a Milk Cup in Two Hands
> Eating Finger Foods with pureed and mashed foods
> Chew Food up and down and developing a habit of chewing and rotating a food.
> Use a spoon to eat food and twists and turns it
> Love to small pieces of Fruits
> Throw and Drops foods and toys from a High Chair
> Now, they are perfect to sit on High Chair and eat food, but you need to buy a Stable High Chair.
> Feed herself with fingers or spoons.



> Moved from Pureed and Mashed Food to Solid Foods Like Roti, Rice, Dal, and Sabzi.
> Appetite starts increasing due to their physical activity.
> Getting bored of usual Food, now it’s time to introduce a new type of food and dishes to your Baby Food Chart.
> Easily eat food with Spoon and bring food to the mouth.
> Food eating duration may increase due to tampers and refusal.
> Without Spills from a cup, they can drink water and milk.




Start refusing to sit on the High Chair.
> During Lunch or Dinner Time, they will run around the home and food.
> Learn the different art of Chewing food.
> Become a Picky Eater
> Taste Buds fully developed by now.
> No Bottles, now only prefer cups.
> Put their empty bowl directly into the washbasin.
> During Meal Times, play with foods
> Maybe start using the fork.
> Started showing interest in Junk Foods.


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