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8 Worst Foods for Babies in First Year

Worst Foods

Don’t be in a Hurry to introduce these 8 Worst Foods in your Baby Diet. Have you ever wonder why people say not to give these below worst foods to Babies under the age of 12 months. The actually Babies’ Digestive System is too weak to take everything in their Stomachs and Digest it. Maybe by introducing these Worst Foods to Babies too earlier can attract the Infection and Allergy in Babies.

A Pediatrician (child’s doctor) always recommends Not to Give Sugar, Salt & Junk Food to Babies, Toddler & Kids under the age of 5 years. A Doctor considers these items in the List of Worst Foods for Babies.

8 Worst Foods for Babies in the First Year 


1 # Cheese Cubes

Many people say to introduce Cheese in Baby Food before 12 months old. I also do agree that some variety of cheese can be used, but the chances of getting allergic to a baby are more. Many cheese cubes are made of Cow’s milk, which can affect the baby’s health.

And in case your family has a history of milk allergies then you should definitely avoid giving cheese or cheese cubes to the baby. It’s better to wait for 12 months and then give the cheese to the baby. As you are already feeding your baby with Milk, so they don’t need any substitute for milk.

You Can Offer : Paneer / Cottage Cheese


2 # Peanut Butter 

When parents think of giving White Bread to Babies, they start thinking of giving it with some Nutrients items. You can give Bread to Babies with Butter or Homemade Ghee on, it but 100 % avoid the Peanut Butter.

Do you know that Peanut Butter’s texture is Thick and Sticky? And for babies, it’s not easy for them to swollen it as they have just started learning eating solid foods. High numbers of babies and people develop allergic to peanuts when they have grown up. Therefore, wait for the right time and age to give peanut butter with bread to babies.

You Can Offer : Butter or Ghee of Bread

3 # Sugar Biscuits or Cookies

It’s not recommended to give sugar biscuits to babies before 10 to 11 months. As your baby just had started having teeth and it will affect the baby teeth. You must know that sugar is not advisable for babies before the baby is one year old.

Parents should totally avoid sugar cookies to babies before 12 months. Wait till your baby has a good number of teeth.

You Can Offer: Cookies or Biscuits which are soft and baby can eat smoothly. You can dip the biscuit in milk and then give it to a baby, who has less, teeth.

4 # Chips (From Market- Worst Foods) 

The biggest mistake parents do is that they tend to eat chips in front of babies. And as its too tempting, babies show their interest in having it. And in a fun and happy mood parents offer the chips to babies. Once your baby tastes the chips and loves it than for you it will not possible to keep them the way.

A chip contains high saturated fat in it and due to which baby stomach gets full easily and they avoid eating high nutrient food.

You Can Offer: Homemade Potato Chips to babies

5 # Soft Drink 

Very Big, No to Soft Drink, not only for babies, toddler but for older people too. They are the biggest reason behind the kid’s obesity these days. As soft drink contains sugary and acidic flavor in it, it’s not good for the baby’s liver and kidney. Also Soft drinks can damage your baby’s emerging teeth.

Food Which You Can Offer to Baby: Homemade orange juice, grapes, and some seasonal fruits


Artificial Preservatives of Juice

If you want to give your baby something nutrients then give them homemade juice. Don’t look for the easy way out and buy artificial preservatives of Juice from the market for your baby. Your baby does not need any extra calories, whatever they are having is enough for them.

Preservatives of Juice contain high sugar, which is aging not good for baby kidney, liver, tooth decay and bone loss later in life. They are as harmful as Soft Drinks.

You Can Offer: Homemade Juices.

6 # Chocolates, Cake & Pastry

Babies are attracted to sugar items and especially chocolates & cakes. Fussy Baby will also eat chocolates instead of  his main food. Babies love the taste of cake and Chocolate like as, but it’s the very bad idea to introduce to babies at this stage.

Chocolates will affect babies teethes and also change baby’s taste buds. After eating the Chocolates babies do not like the regular food and look for junk foods in some way.

Try to give your baby Chocolates, cakes or pastry after they turn one year old. And that also in small quality, kids below the age of 5 years old should not eat 1 or 2 Chocolates in a week.

You Can Offer : No sugar food till one year old

7 # Honey

Pediatricians recommend waiting to introduce Honey to babies till they are one year old as honey contains spores of bacteria that can cause botulism. In some families are traditions to give little but honey on baby’s mouth just after birth. Please don’t believe in these old fashion traditions and look after your baby health and safety.

You Can Offer : No Honey till One Year Old

 8 # Reuse Baby Food

No, don’t give your baby leftover food or reuse your baby food again and again. Whenever you are heating the food, again and again, all its nutrients are reducing. By giving the reuse food to your baby you are compromising with your baby healthy, it will attract many illnesses and infection to the baby. So try to feed your baby with fresh food items every day. Make baby food in less quantity, so you don’t have to waste it.

Food Which You Can Offer to Baby: Fresh food for babies.

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