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13 Important Kitchen Safety Tips for Toddlers and Parents

Kitchen Safety

Toddlers love to be in the Kitchen area and Love to Explore it. You can see their Super Excitement in Little Eyes, to know what Mom is Cooking. My 3 years Old Daughter loves to copy me, the way I am Baking and making new dishes for her. She has her own Pretty Pink Kitchen Set, where she loves to play pretend games.

But, like any other parent, I am too worried about my child’s safety in the kitchen. Due to her over-excitement, I am worried what if something hot spill over her. Therefore, I have searched a lot and made many changes in my kitchen to follow all key safety guidelines.

I would Recommend every Parent to Follow given Safety Guidelines. And in case, if it’s not possible for you to follow all of the rules than try to cover as many as you can. It’s all about our Kids Safety.  

13 Kitchen Safety Tips for Toddlers

> Keep Burner/Hot Plates/ Stove off Kid’s Limits as back as possible on Shelves

> Make Burner Knobs Childproof so that kids cannot reach and operate them.

> Keep the Cooking Utensils handles toward the Back Side of the Stove, as Kids love to Grab Handles.

> Keep lower Cabinet Doors Closed and Locked at all time

> Keep a Fire Extinguisher in the Kitchen

> Keep the Knives or other Sharp Objects out of Kids reach in Locked/Topmost Drawers.

> Don’t allow your Child to Sit on the Countertop near the Stove.

> Don’t encourage your Child to touch or look inside the Cooking Utensils.

> In case you have a Chest Freezer in your home, keep it locked to prevent your Child from falling in it.

> For Normal Refrigerator, it’s better to Lock that up too.

> Keep the Kids away, when you are Frying, Grilling or Boiling Food.

> Turn off the Stove, even if you leave the Kitchen just for One Minute,

> Avoid keeping Wooden Utensils, Plastic Bags, Tissues, Food Packaging, Towels or Potholders, etc, that can catch Fire easily from the Stove Area.

Remove the hot oil from the stove after the work is finished, otherwise, it has been noticed that while cooking other things near the hot oil, can cause the oil to splatter.

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