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How to do Safety Test & Check on Baby Products at Home

Baby Products

What Baby Products are you Using for your Little One? Is those products are Safe for your Baby Skin. Have you ever thought of Testing those Baby products at Home?

We many times heard awful stories regarding how unsafe these products are. Normally, Baby Products are used by Parents almost every day, until the baby turns 3 years old. Therefore, it’s very important for parents to get full knowledge & information about Baby Products of Brands they are using.

Below Find a comparison of Products offering by different brands in the same category. 

There are many brands like Johnson & Johnson, who are the oldest players in the market, and Brands like Dove Baby products are the newest in the market. But the question is to Trust which Brand for Your Baby.

Tips for Testing Baby Products at Home

For Baby Shampoo:

  1. First of all use & choose tearless shampoo (No tear shampoo) for Your Newborn Baby.
  2. Choose the Brand which you trust or ask the mothers around you. It’s very important to take people’s advice but choose what you believe in.
  3. Always read the Instruction on the Product Bottle Before Buying and Using it.
  4. Rub the Shampoo in small quality on Baby’s scalp and see if the Baby feels irritated or not. If your baby is okay then use the same for full Hair Wash.
  5. Baby Shampoo is the use of cleansing the hair of babies & toddlers. Use a mild and no irritating base of Shampoo. Some of the common ingredients are in shampoo like Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Citric Acid, Polyquaternium-10, Tetrasodium EDTA PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate, PEG-150 Distearate, Fragrance, Botanical Ingredients, Color Additives, and water.

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For Baby Bath Products:

You use Baby Soaps & other Liquid base bath products for your Newborn Baby or Toddlers. It’s very important to choose the right bath soap or liquid as it directly gets in touch with your Baby Sensitive Skin.

  1. After you give the First Bath to your Baby from the brand you have selected, wait, and watch for any sign of dryness, rashes, and small red spots after the wash.
  2. Use the Product as per your Baby Skin, it’s always mentioned on every Bottle whether it’s for delicate or sensitive skin.
  3. Don’t change the soap or liquid more frequently if it suits your Baby Skin then keep using the same product. Don’t try or test many products of your Baby Skin.

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For Baby Oil (Hair or Massage):

Baby Massage Oil is something that is in practice to use daily. Till Babies turn One year old, many mothers prefer giving Body Oil Massage to their baby before the bath, but how to check, what to use, and how to use.

  1. Choose Oil according to the Season (Winter & Summer).
  2. In summer, mothers prefer to use Coconut Oil for Massage and in winters some prefer Mustard Oil or Olive Oil.
  3. Before using the Massage or Hair oil, always test the same on your Baby Skin.
  4. First, put the oil on Baby’s hand, and massage it for some time. Look for any kind of rash or infection, wait for the next day for any kind of sign-on Baby Hand. If everything looks good, start using the same product.
  5. Always use different oil for your baby according to the summer or winter season.
  6. Always give a light hand body massage to your baby and don’t leave it for more than one hour. As the crawling baby can spill on the floor.


For Baby Cream, Lotions & Powder:

 These products are used to moisturize the baby’s skin and keep it soft and smooth. As every baby’s skin type is different, choose the cream, lotions according to that only. There are many brands in the market that offer vast varieties in these categories.

  1. Always by cream as per your Baby’s Age and Skin Type.
  2. For Sensitive and delicate skin use light moisturizing cream.
  3. Use the Baby Face Cream, only for face use, and Baby Lotion for Full Body. Don’t get confused and mix the baby cream & lotions, both are meant to use differently.
  4. Use the Lotion which easily gets dissolves in your Baby Skin, so that baby does not spill on the floor while crawling or walking.
  5. Use good brand Powder for your baby delicate skin area. In the monsoon season, use more powder to keep the baby dry and doesn’t cause diaper rash.
  6. Or you can use diaper rash cream. Before using it always apply a little bit on the Baby bump and see if it’s irritated your Baby Skin or not.
  7. In creams, you don’t have to do any tests. Just choose the best for your baby.


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