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Screen Time and Kids: 7 Tips to Limit Screen Time for Kids

Limit Screen Time

All Kids are Little Monkey they repeat everything which they see around them. If they see other Kids watching their Mobile Screen than they also try the same thing. It’s a duty of parents how they can Limit Screen Time for small kids.

Let us understand, How we can Effectively and Permanently Limit Screen Time for our kids, which will not only help your kids grow as a better person physically but also mentally. Kids start using their parents’ mobile phones at the age of 2. And TV is introduced even earlier, at the age of 8 months in some cases.

7 Effective Tips to Limit Screen Time for Kids

1 # It’s very difficult to stop 100% screen time for small kids, as many kids eat while watching TV on their cute high chairs. Except in that case you should Install application which is educational in nature, especially in mobile phones which encourage kids to use mobile phones in a productive way. Example, Install application which Teaches Colors, Shapes, Size, ABC, Number of kids by which they use mobile phones for some productive thing.

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2 # You should Install the Application in Mobile Phones /Smart TV:- 

Which track their usage and provide warnings when reached a set time. Also, can work like a warning to kids that their daily screen time quota is finished and they have to stop this immediately. All Smart TV, Amazon Fire Stick, even Netflix comes with settings, which is designed keeping the kids in mind. They will not only block unwanted contents but also can limit the time.

3 # Fix time of Mobile/TV Usage :-

Most important thing is to fix a time limit of daily screen time and in no condition that limits should be breached. You also need to make a rule and a time window of watching TV , mobile for your kids as it is easier for you to have proper control on their screen time. Along with screen time and duration you can also fix location at home where your kids will watch mobile/TV in their free time .

4 # Limit yourself before Limiting Kids :-

Kids learn almost everything from their parents, so if we are planning to set some rules for your kids then you should also start controlling yourself, at least when you are in front of them. You should also limit your time on Mobile , TV, Laptop when at home. Spend more time with your kids, which will limit screen time for both you and your kid.

5 # Keep Mobile Phones Out of Sight :-

Best way to reduce your and your kid’s screen times to make sure phones are kept quite far from easy reach. As these they even without any bells /rings we keeps on checking our mobile phones .If we make it a habit to keep mobile phones out of reach than we can definitely reduce our daily screen time.

6 # Keep Screen time Independent of Eating :-

Try not to club your daily activities with your screen time, be it TV or mobile phone. As it will not be good both for you and your health as you tend to eat more/less when you are engaged in TV/Mobile.

7 # Always Wear that SPY Hat :-

Parents need to be professional SPY, when they are dealing with small kids for checking what kinds of application they are using on phone. What kind of programs they are watching on TV/Netflix, it should be as per their age group. Are they watching something which has violent/having bad language etc. Spying on your own kids are never a bad thing and no kid will ever understand this. When we were kids, we never use to understand that why our parents are always snooping on us.

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