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How to Store Mother’s Breast Milk at Home

Mother’s Breast Milk

Breast Pumps have become an essential item during Feeding. It not only helps mothers to feel comfortable but help them from a tiring and sleepless night. 

Mothers who have a good supply of milk, really need the breast pump to express the milk and save it from wastage. Breast milk is very important for babies. Do you know, some mothers donate their milk to other hungry babies? 

Ways to Store the Mother’s Breast Milk 

  1. Express the milk with the use of a manual or electric breast pump. Freeze the breast milk for later use by the baby.
  2. Breast milk can be frozen for 24 hours for feeding the baby but not more than that.
  3. Mother milk cannot be boiled again and again.
  4. You can store the milk in different bottles as per her/his demand so that caretaker or mother-in-law can give it to the baby while you are working.

Important Tips about Storing Breast Milk

  1. Keep the milk on the lower shelf of the fridge (at the innermost side or where temperature variation is minimum), as opening a closing fridge can increase temperature variation which may allow bacteria to affect the milk.
  2. Always label the breast milk bottle with a time and date, so that you can identify which milk to use first.
  3. Wash your hands before expressing the breast milk by hand.
  4. Sterilize the Breast Pump Machine and Bottles, before storing/expressing milk.
  5. Keep the Expressed Milk in a clean Glass Capped Bottle or BPA-free container.
  6. Avoid buying Storage Bags, they might get leaked or torn.
  7. Don’t mix the old and fresh breast milk, as it will make you confused about its quality and expiry date.
  8. Don’t mix freshly expressed milk with frozen milk.

How to Stop the Flow of Breast Milk

How Breast Pads are helpful in Breast Feeding

Many mothers use the Breast Pads just after feeding the milk to the baby. In some cases, mothers face the problem of leakage just after feeding. You can use reusable silicone cotton breast pads to stop the leaking.

Choose the Breast Pads as per your requirement. You can buy reusable silicone cotton breast pads instead of Disposable pads. It will save you lots of money. Reusable breast pads are easy to handle and cost-effective too.  It can be easily worn inside the bra.

You can buy reusable silicone cotton breast pads of a good brand to solve the issue, it helps. Always keep one set in your purse, in case you required changing it in the office.


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