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Online Buying Tips for New Parents (Tip #4/5)

Online Buying
Online Buying Tip No. 4 / 5

(Tip # 4)

Offline Vs Online

These days we all are always hooked to our phones and laptops in search of some deals, offers on different shopping websites and buying offline is becoming a thing of the past but offline still hold its ground. Offline stores are window to online shopping sites more and more online shopping websites are opening offline stores to attract more customers (Educate yourself about Online Buying and Shopping system).

Lets Us Look How Offline /Retail Stores can help us Save More and Get the Best Product from Online Stores:-

> Offline /Retail Store

Offline /Retail store provide touch and feel of actual product which gives us confidence while making a buying decision. We always recommend to visit the stores and check product in person before clicking the buy button on your favourite website especially when you buying some expensive items.

> Product Description available on Shopping Websites

Product description available on shopping websitesare sometimes not, so descriptive and elaborate we need to understand more about its features/usages/size, etc.  Which can only be resolved by visiting a retail store where trained sales executive can guide you its proper use and details. You can build confidence and come back to buy online later.

> Many big brands these days are encouraging, its customer to do more online shopping,  even directly from their retail stores, as they can show much more options, especially when it comes to cloths and electronic items. Customers can go experience and do shopping directly from their offline stores with the help of store staff; also you can shop online and pick your product immediately from the store immediately.

> These days smarts are loaded with many applications to make our life easy and shopping is not an exception to many applications like Google Lense.  AI Vision is  available which helps you find any items online, just by clicking them using your camera or clicking on their picture which you are seeing anywhere on the web. You are not required to go to a shopping site than search for a category /product . With the help of new age mobile phone application online shopping is getting more and more convenient.

> If you are always confused about the price which are available for online and offline than today’s mobile application and phones are biggest help. You just need to scan Barcode of product you are seeing in retail store and search /compare their price online. And, if you are getting a better deal there than add that in your cart or else buy from the store itself. 

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