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7 Benefits of Keeping Yourself Physically Fit During Pregnancy

Physically Fit

Physical fitness plays a very important and critical role in a healthy pregnancy. Physical fitness is required not only before but also after your pregnancy. It can be divided into three Phases :

1 # Phase One: – Quicker Conceiving

2 # Phase Two:- Reduce Complications during Pregnancy

3 # Phase Three:- Quick Recovery after Pregnancy

There are many forms of activities, which can be adopted for being fit for your pregnancy like Yoga, Walking, Light Exercise, household work, etc. Let us understand in detail how a physically fit body helps in the pregnancy period.

7 Benefits of Keeping Yourself Physically Fit During Pregnancy

1 # Maintaining Proper Weight:

Maintaining your body weight during pregnancy should be your First Priority. It is extremely important for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep yourself and your baby fit and fine during the pregnancy period. All Doctors recommend every pregnant woman should do at least 30 minutes of exercise or involve in physical activities every day to keep them healthy.

Many Pregnant Woman, do not bother and ignore their Health during their Pregnancy Time and eat unhealthy/junk food, which increases their bodyweight rapidly. Even educated and well-informed woman does this, as they are not able to differentiate between a healthy weight gain and unhealthy weight gain. They only have to realize their mistakes when complications start due to their overweight, which directly affects early premature deliveries.


2 # Protect you from Potential Illness:

Following a proper fitness routine during your pregnancy will keep you safe from many issues like Hyperthermia, Shortened Gestation, Preeclampsia, High Blood Pressure, and Low Baby Weight at the time of Birth. Your Fitness routine during pregnancy can improve your posture, which in turn will help you in maintaining good body weight. Also, it has been seen that it will help you to cope with backache and fatigue.


3 # Protect your Unborn:

It’s only and only you who can take care of your unborn. You have to make yourself fitter and more active during your pregnancy that lazy behavior and non-caring modes should be switched off until your little one comes in this world.

You need to make physical activities part of your daily routine as it will help develop good blood circulation which will automatically improve the overall growth of your baby in your womb. Regular fitness activities reduce the chances of miscarriage and low weighing baby. Also, it will give you the strength to cope up with your labor pain.


4 # Increase your Flexibility (Muscles):

During pregnancy, pregnant, a woman produces a hormone called Relaxin. Relaxin helps the muscles to become more flexible, which really helps pregnant women at the time of Labor. You should consider doing activities, which strengthen your heart, lungs, muscles, and bones. Plus improve your posture pre and post-pregnancy. It will help you to keep your muscles and joints in good condition.


5 # Continue with your Regular Activities:-

There are many online contents, which can guide you from pre to post-pregnancy on how to be fit in the whole process. Doctors around the world recommend every pregnant woman to follow some kind of exercise/Fitness routine like Yoga, walking, etc. You should not stop doing your regular chores like cleaning, washing, cooking when you are pregnant, as these activities will make you more fit during your pregnancy. Doctors also recommend that you should try to continue going to your office (in case of working women) until the end of your ninth month to make sure you are fit and active throughout your pregnancy.


6 # Reduce the Chance of Depression and Anxiety:

Exercise and physical activities can reduce your chances of getting hit by depression attack post-pregnancy. As we all know that these days, there are many cases of postpartum depression in women. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology recommends 30 minutes of moderate exercise almost for 3 to 4 days of the week for pregnant women who are not suffering any medical or obstetric complications.

It has been seen that many women’s who are under the postpartum depression, do not even know about this medical condition, they have to know about this when things get serious. Physical activities and regular exercise help you avoid getting into postpartum depression and avoid any serious medical conditions.


7 # Reduce the Risk of Obesity :

Why doctors advise pregnant women, not to eat for two. Maintaining your diet and weight is important to keep you away from the risk of obesity. Obesity increases the risks to mothers throughout gestation and childbirth, also in their postpartum period. Overweight, women are at risk of gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia is during pregnancy and those with a BMI over 30 are at greater chances of having infections and miscarriage.

The best way to Reduce the Risk of Obesity is physical activities, yoga, and exercise during pregnancy. A healthy weight will help them to cope up with the body changes post-pregnancy.

Physical Activities that should be avoided during Pregnancy Include…

Sports Activities like Soccer, Water Skiing, Surfing, and Horseback Riding.


Scuba diving

Martial arts


Weight lifting

Hot Yoga or Hot Pilates

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