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18 New Age Pregnancy Questions to Ask the Doctor/Ob-Gyn (Prenatal Visit)

Pregnancy Questions

Are you ready with your Pregnancy Questions? What do you understand by Pregnancy Questions? These are the most crucial and important questions, which every Pregnant should ask or discuss with her doctor (Ob-Gyn) or Midwife when they go for their First Prenatal Visit. Especially, if it’s your First Baby. The relationship between the doctor and you should be more like a friend during your Pregnancy Period. Don’t hesitate to ask or discuss anything with your doctor.

To make it easy, for Pregnant Ladies, we have listed below a few New Age (Latest) Pregnancy Questions, which you should be aware of yourself and ask the same questions to your Doctor.

18 New Age Pregnancy Questions to Ask the Doctor

There is no rule or pattern, which you need to follow or ask about these Pregnancy Questions. Whenever you have any confusion or tension related to your Baby or Pregnancy, don’t be afraid to ask to doctor. You can ask the below Pregnancy Questions, whenever you want, during your whole Pregnancy Period.

Question # 1

How Many Weeks Pregnant, You Are?

Why to Ask: This will help you to know your Due Date. The due date will help your doctor to give you an idea of when your baby will be born. Every time, you will visit your doctor for regular checkups, she will keep asking about the First Day of your Last Period, to calculating the exact due date. Kindly, write the First Day of your Last Period, somewhere on paper, as many Pregnant Ladies, forget the date. Normally, Due Date, counts of 280 days (40 weeks) from the First Day of your Last Period. Buy the ovulation kit, to improve your chances.

Question # 2

What are the Important Tests required for you, to know the Health Condition of your Baby inside the Womb?

Why to Ask: These are very common tests, which you have to go through your First Trimester like Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), T4, T3, Blood Glucose or Hemoglobin A1c Testing for women at risk of type 2 diabetes. But, ask your doctor to check, whether you have to go through any tests for Fetal Abnormalities.

Mothers who already have diabetes before pregnancy, also know as Pre-Gestational diabetes, are more prone to pass their diabetes to their Infant. In this condition, your unborn baby is at a higher risk of developing diabetes, as compared to other babies.

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Question # 3

Are you at Risk of Genetic Diseases?

Why to Ask: Genetic screening can help in diagnosing the potential for certain genetic disorders before the baby birth. And according to that, your doctor will advise you further.



Question # 4

Bleeding or cramps, during Pregnancy, is a Bad Sign in First Trimester?

Why to AskSometimes, light bleeding and bad cramps can be a sign of miscarriage. Therefore, it’s important to ask your doctor about the difference between bad and good cramps and bleeding.

Question # 5

Do you need to Eat or Drink more to make Enough Breast Milk?

Why to Ask: It’s again important to ask because many mothers face this problem of low Breast Milk after the delivery. There are many, foods that you can eat during your pregnancy period, which will later help you in having a good supply of breast milk. Buy the Pregnancy Pillow, which will help you from back pain during your pregnancy.


Question # 6

What to do, if you Fall or Get Injured in Pregnancy?

Why to Ask: Actually, it depends on how you fall, whether on the stomach or sides. In both cases, you need to contact the doctor, but ask your doctor what First Aid, you should take just after you fall. Read more about the First Trimester, Second Trimester and Third Trimester Injuries, which can affect you and baby.

Question # 7

Are there any Particular Activities, I should stop during Pregnancy?

Why to Ask: It can be anything, maybe exercise, running, cooking, driving, walking, depending upon your health condition. Please do, ask your doctor and don’t hesitate you ask anything from your doctor. During your pregnancy period, your doctor should be more like a friend to you. Explore, the list of products which you must have in the list kitty.

Due to women’s craziness towards fitness, many pregnant woman’s trends to follow the same routine during their Pregnancy Phase. But, which Exercise and Physical activity you should continue, need to be discussed. There are many Myths & Facts related to Exercise and Fitness during Pregnancy. 

Question # 8

Is Epidural Safe to take?

Why to Ask: Many women opt for Epidural anesthesia to get relief during their Labor Pain. These days more than 40 % of women opt for epidural anesthesia before giving birth in hospitals.

Question # 9

How much Weight should, you Gain during Pregnancy?

Why to Ask: Ideally, for overweight women, they need to gain only 6 to 11 Kgs (15 to 25 pounds) during their pregnancy. And for underweight woman, it should be around 12 to 18 Kgs (28 to 40 Pounds). But, it’s totally depending on your current health condition and weight.

For Twins babies, the recommended weight gain in a pregnant lady should vary between 17 to 25 kg.

Question # 10

Is Doing Exercise in the First Trimester is Safe or not?

Why to Ask: A very important question to ask if earlier you were fitness freak and want to continue the same. But for other ladies, its very important to maintain their weight and fitness during their whole pregnancy period. Normally doctors advice to do lightweight exercise during the first trimester. But it’s important to consult your doctor before exercising during pregnancy.

Question # 11

Is it Safe to Drive Car during Pregnancy?

Why to Ask: Normally, the doctor does not advise to stop driving while pregnancy. You can easily drive during your whole pregnancy period. But it’s important that you feel comfortable and do not apply breaks suddenly. Drive at normal speed and take care of yourself.

Most probably, during your last two months, your belly will not allow you to drive comfortably. Therefore, hire some drivers and look for any other alternative.

Question # 12

Is it Ok, to Swim during Pregnancy?

Why to Ask: Swimming is not harmful to you and for your baby. It’s totally safe, but again its depends on your Health Condition. Ask your doctor, before starting swimming.

Question # 13

What Vaccinations do you need when Pregnant?

Why to Ask: Actually, it will depend on which country you are living in and what all vaccinations, you required for the safety of you and your baby. These are the common vaccinations, your doctor will advise taking like Flu (influenza) shot, Tetanus toxoid, reduced diphtheria toxoid, and acellular pertussis (Tdap) vaccine.

Question # 14

If, you are a working woman, then How Long you can continue to work?

Why to Ask: Many women prefer to work till the last date before their labor pain. In some way, a working woman is in better health condition as compared to other women. But, please consult your doctor, because at High-Risk Pregnancy, maybe your doctor will advise taking bed rest.

Question # 15

What to a choice between normal delivery or cesarean which is better for you, as per your Health Condition?

Why to Ask: It’s totally your choice, whether you want to give birth to your baby through normal delivery or cesarean. Discuss your fear, if you have regarding the Normal delivery with your doctor. Many women prefer their own labor gown during the final day (Delivery Time).

Question # 16

What the doctor will do, in a case during Vaginal Birth, Baby head got stuck?

Why to Ask: One of the most important questions to discuss with your doctor. In many cases, it has been seen that Baby Head is, so big that it got stuck in the pelvis. Please ask your doctor about the possibilities and the solution to it.

Question # 17

What to eat and what not to eat, as per your Health Condition and Weight?

Why to Ask: Most common questions, and you will find the answer to this question on many websites. But still, you should once ask this question to your doctor.

Question # 18

How can I check my baby growth and health condition?

Why to Ask: Ask your doctor to tell you, what are the bad signs during pregnancy, which required immediate attention.


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