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Q&A Note to Discuss on First Prenatal Visit

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Keep a small questionnaire ready with you before visiting your gynecologist on your First Prenatal Visit and discuss those points before leaving the clinic. Write down on a plain paper point-wise the topics that you want to discuss. Write about your health conditions and changes that you are going through in case of physically and emotionally and discuss them with your gynecologist. Talk about what all types of blood tests are available in the market just to be on the safe side. In case some doctors see some small issue or show concern in any manner, please don’t bother and ask further questions to her. Discussed with her what to do next, and whether should we do any further tests or some medication that can solve the issue. Please don’t ignore even the smallest issues. Be very careful about yourself and your baby’s health.

Questions that you should discuss on First Prenatal Visit

Click on the below link to read in detail about the First Prenatal Questions and find the answer to your all queries. 


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