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Third Trimester of Pregnancy : Dos and Don’ts

Third Trimester

Congratulations you are in your Third Trimester and going to be a Mommy soon. You must be very excited about your newborn baby and must have done all the preparation. This whole period of Pregnancy Journey is full of excitement and fun for would-be moms.

Watching Your Baby Growing in Your Uterus is the most wonderful and delightful feeling. Every Pregnant Lady dreams about having a Healthy Baby, so do you. I hope you had a great period of your pregnancy.

Sooner, you are going to give Birth to Small & Little Baby and your excitement will turn into reality. But Mommies, one thing is very important for you is to take care of yourself and your baby in the Third TrimesterBelow are Few Do’s & Don’ts which Every Pregnant Lady Should Read Once and Follow Religiously to have Safe & Health Baby. 

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Do's of Third Trimester

> Keep Monitoring Your Baby Movements: As soon as you feel that your baby movements are getting reduce or less in numbers, don’t waste time in contacting your doctor, maybe your baby is distressed.

> Do Floor Mopping: Floor mopping or sweeping is the best way to have Normal Delivery. In case your baby heads are not in a lower position, it will be difficult for you to have a normal delivery. Discuss with your doctor first and then start, as not every pregnant lady situation is the same.

> Ask about Epidural Anesthesia: It’s a pain relief during natural labor and C-section. To Get more information on it read our article on  Is My Back Pain is due to Epidural or Not (Post Delivery)?

> Monitor and Increase your Hemoglobin: Keep your Hemoglobin in good condition, because at the time of delivery you have heavy blood loss. 



> Make Your Mind towards Normal or Cesarean Delivery: Discuss with your Husband or other family member and be sure how you want to deliver your baby. It’s the most important point, as according to this only your doctor will work.

> Eat Good Protein Foods for Baby Weight: Please do not overeat or gain extra weight. But eat food like chicken, eggs, paneer, mutton, etc which will help your baby weight to be in good condition at the time of birth.

> Continuous Eating Fruits in Evening: Maintain your good food eating habits till the last day. It will support your and baby health. And fruits will keep you fresh & healthy throughout your whole pregnancy period.

> Prepare yourself for Breastfeeding: Make up your mind towards Breastfeeding, learn more about Breastfeeding through our few articles on  Sore or Cracked Nipple in First Month after Delivery and Should I Wake Baby to Give Breastfeed?

> Drink Milk for Strong Bones: Have one glass of milk in the morning and once at night before sleep. It’s too good for your health and bones.

> Pass Urine Frequently: Holding urine will put pressure on your bladder, which is not good for uterus.

> Get Full Knowledge about the process of natural or cesarean delivery: Discuss with the doctor about how would the process of labor take place. And what you and your family members have to do after the water leakage.

> Discuss all your FAQs with your doctor: Get all your answer at this article Q&A Note to Discuss on First Prenatal Visit

> Get your Hospital Bag Ready: Keep your bag in the ready position and keep your things ready in your 8 months. In case you have pre-delivery, you don’t have to panic.

> Keep Baby Essential items ready at home for post-delivery: Get your baby wardrobe ready with baby essentials, which you may require in the first month.


Don'ts of Third Trimester

> No Scratching on Baby Bump: It will create a problem for you later, as scratch marks will not go. And it’s not good for your baby too.

> No Up & Down on Staircase: It will put pressure on your uterus, and it’s not good in the third trimester.

> Don’t Lift any Heavy Object: Again, not good for yourself and it will increase the chances of miscarriage.

> Don’t Climb on Stool for taking out any item in the home: You will get yourself hurt and baby too. And it can be a reason for miscarriage.

> Danger Sign of Itching: If you notice excess itching on your legs, hands, face or any other part of your body, then it can be a sign of liver malfunction. Call your doctor immediately or go for the checkup.

> No Spice Food in Third Trimester: Spice food is not good for the baby in the uterus and it will create distress to the baby.

> Don’t get confused by Braxton Hicks Contraction: It feels like tightening in the abdomen that comes and goes. Many women get confused it with natural pain, actually, it’s a false alarm.

> Don’t do an excess exercise: Only light exercise for daily routine, try to do more walking.

> Stop Eating Junk Food: Don’t Gain Extra Weight by eating junk foods. Extra weight will create a problem for you in the delivery. And it will not be easy for you to lose weight post-delivery.

> Don’t bend, try to Walk in Straight Posture: This will keep you away from back pain.

> Stop Driving after 8 months of Pregnancy: Your belly must have started touching your car wheels and it’s difficult for you to drive. So please don’t push yourself further and take the help of others.

> No longer traveling: Not recommended in the Third Trimester.

> Don’t sit in one position for long periods: Keep on moving in every half an hour and keep your legs on a stool or up position to avoid swelling in legs.

> Never Avoid these Danger Sign during pregnancy: Read our article about Bad Signs During Pregnancy: Pregnancy Complications



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