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10 Steps to Make Baby Formula Feed


When your Baby’s Stomach is not getting filled by your Breastmilk, then adding Formula Feed becomes a necessity. Undoubtedly, Formula Feed is a good Health alternative to the breastmilk and it provides all nutrients to your baby.

Breastfeeding is the key and strongest bonding agent between mother and child But, it does not mean that Babies who are on Formula Feed, do not have any emotional attachment with their mothers.

Many mothers find it difficult to understand the instructions on how to make a perfect formula feed as includes lots of measurements and process like water level, the number of scoops, temperature, etc let us understand how a perfect formula feed  is made 

How to Choose Formula Powder

Before Buying any Brand’s Formula, always talk to your Baby’s Health Care provider and take the advice. Some babies are allergic to some items and milk products. Therefore, you should  check if your baby is allergic  to anything which is part of formula milk  There are 3 different types of formula are available in the market :

1 # Ready-to-Use Formula: This is the most convenient and at the same time costly too. It always easy to take ready-to-use formula, when you are traveling. It’s very handy and easy to mix. The ready-to-use formula comes in a carton or a jar, which is pre-sterilized and does not need to be heated up.

2 # Concentrated Liquid: Not very expensive and once the container is opened, you need to keep it in the fridge also you need to track its expiry and temperature of the storage

3 # Powder: This is the most used and preferred option by today’s mothers. A cheap and good alternative option for breastmilk. The best part is that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated until it is mixed with water

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Important Facts about Formula Feeding

1 # Feed your Newborn every two to four hours. Start with one ounce at each feeding.

2 # Check the expiration date on the container

3 # Use the boiled water at a temperature of at least 70C.

4 # Every time uses the freshly boiled water, don’t use the water which has been boiled earlier.

5 # Always remember to put the lukewarm water first in the bottle, before adding the formula powder

6 # Don’t make extra feeds bottle, just make one feed at a time, as per your baby requirement.

7 # Before adding the powder scoops in the bottle, always check the direction given on the Formula Milk Package.

8 # Don’t add extra powder, as it does not add any more taste to the milk.

9 # Don’t reuse the leftover feed. A formula should be used within 24 hours from its preparation.

10 # Sterilizer the baby bottle after every feed.

11 # Never heat mixed formula in the microwave. This destroys nutrients and can cause hot spots that could burn your baby’s mouth or throat.


10 Steps to Make Baby Formula Feed

1) Sterilize Your Bottle: It’s important that you always sterilize the Baby Bottle after Every Feed. You can use the microwave or electric steam Sterilizer, whichever is comfortable for you to sterilize the Bottle, Nipples, and Caps. In case, you don’t want to invest in a steam sterilizer, then you can boil the bottle and accessories in hot boiling water for 5 to 8 minutes. Just maintain the water level, so that a bottle does not touch the bottom of the pan. You can also use the Bottle and Nipple Brushes, to clean each and every part.

2) Always Wash Your Hand with Soap before filling the Water.

3) Fill the Pan or Big Steel utensils with tap or bottled water (don’t use the old boiled water, use the freshwater). Before considering the tap water please be sure the purity of your water supply, otherwise, for the safer side use the Bottler or RO Water.

4) Boil the water and after it’s done, leave the water to cool down.

5) Put the Sterilize Bottle and Accessories on one big size plate, to avoid the wastage from spillover.

6) Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions, pour the lukewarm water into the bottle then, Put the Formula Powder as per your baby’s age.

For example, if you want to make a Milk for 1 to 15 days old Baby, then you need to fill the boiled water (already) till 90 ml with 3 Scoops of Formula Powder.

7) Read or Follow the instruction given on the backside of Formula Powder Pack and you will get all the details like the level of water and scoops of the quantity you need to mix together.

8) Shake the Bottle well, until the powder is dissolved.

9) Before, giving the bottle to the Baby, always check the milk temperature. In case the milk is hot, and wait till its cool down.

10) If you keep the formula milk in the refrigerator, then remember to use to before 48 hours.

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