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20 Amazing Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mother and Baby


Breastfeeding offers many Secrets and Unknown Advantages & Benefits, which many Mothers are not aware of. Many Organizations and Societies recommend the Mothers to do Breastfeeding minimum for the period of 6 Months. In many countries, now the maternity leave for Women has been extended to 6 months, and the reason behind if only to give more emphasis on Breastfeeding. Let’s, discover what breastfeeding can do for you and Baby.


Benefits of Breastfeeding for Baby

>> Nutrients

Mother Milk gives Right Nutrients to babies for good growth and development.  It has all vitamins, fat, and protein which baby required growing healthy.

>> Plays an Important Role in the Prevention of SIDS

As per AAP, breastfeeding helps in the prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). And keep the Babies to Stay Healthy.

>> Easily Digestible

Mother milk is easily digestible in comparison with Formula Milk. And it contains antibodies, which help them to flight from Virus and Bacteria.

>> Total Germs Free

It keeps the babies away from all kinds of infections and viruses. It’s actually an Infection Proof Medicine for babies.

>> 1st Vaccination of your Baby

It helps in improving the Baby Immune System and make it strong. Keep them healthy and infection-free.

>> It’s a complete food for the babies till they are 6 months old:

Many mothers prefer to continue doing the breastfeed until their baby is one year old. But in case some mothers want to breastfeed their Toddlers also, that too is perfectly fine. In whatever manner, it will keep the baby healthy and fit.

>> Mother Milk has Right Temperature; it’s neither hot nor cold.

>> Protects them against Asthma, Allergies, and Infections, especially in First Year after the Birth,

>> Boost Baby IQ: Breast milk helps in boosting baby’s & toddler’s brain and IQ.

>> Build stronger bonding between mother and child.


Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mother

>> It can help Mothers to Lose Weight Post Pregnancy

Breastfeeding is one of the ways to burn calories naturally. Whenever mother nurses the baby they automatically burning the calories in producing it. Post-pregnancy is the best way to reduce weight. Here is a few products list which every new mother should consider to buy for themselves and for Baby.

>> Most Convenient for Mothers

It’s very convenient for the mother to handle the cranky baby anytime and anywhere. And that also without any hassles. In case you are going out for dinner or a small family get together, it will be easy to fulfill your baby’s stomach.

>> No Need to Carry Baby Storage Bags

It’s not required for Parents to carry lots of Bottle or Formula Milk containers. Plus till babies aren’t six months old, you do not need to keep Snacks and any other food items for your Baby. You just need to carry Baby Diapers, which can be stored in Mother Purse too.

>> No Food Preparation Required

Mothers do not need to think or prepare food for the baby before going out. Many Mothers avoid going out only because of carrying and preparing many Food items to handle baby hungry. But in case of Breastfeeding, it’s actually a direct supply of milk to baby, which smooth’s the baby too.

>> Help Uterus to Return to its Normal Size

Breastfeeding will help the mother uterus to return to its normal size and that too quick and fast. Hormones will help your tummy to gradually shrink back to your pre-pregnancy stage. It normally takes 4 weeks in time to get back to the shape.


>> Mother First Milk Colostrum 

Mothers can save their child from many infections and viruses by giving first milk full of nutrient-rich known as Colostrums. Once the baby starts taking the breast milk for about 3 to 4 days, the breast will start firmer and start producing more milk. It makes more comfortable for mothers to do breastfeeding.

>> Help in Dealing with Postpartum Depression:

Not directly but indirectly way it will help mothers to flight from Postpartum Depression. The closeness and bonding between the Mother and Baby will keep her emotional and mental condition in good shape. The best way to keep away from Postpartum Depression is to get them involved in different activities.

>> Breastfeeding helps while Travelling:

Breastfeeding makes it convenient for mothers while traveling from train, car or flight. It’s easy for parents to carry a baby on the pram or in bag carrier but the difference comes when they need to fill their Baby Stomach. Babies have very fewer food choices that can available outside. Parents face many problems in feeding their babies while traveling. Breastfeeding is like a God Gift for Mothers who are nursing their babies, to have a comfortable and happy journey.

>> It helps in Reducing the Risk of Breast, Ovarian and Uterine cancers.

>> Early Expulsion of Placenta


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