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What to Use for Cleaning Baby Potty – Wipes or Cotton

Baby Potty

Are You Confused between using the Wipes and Cotton to clean your Baby Potty? For Infants and Babies, Hygiene should be our main concern and top priority.  A doctor never advised using wipes for cleaning baby bottom or potty as wipes contain chemicals. This battle will never end, but we have to choose the best for our kids.

 What Doctor Has To Say About Cleaning Baby Potty

Our Child doctor said that now it has become a fungal infection, but don’t worry, it will go after the medication. A normal diaper rash develops when sensitive baby skin is rubbed by wet diapers or left for longer periods. She asked what product we are using to clean her potty area, we told her we were using wipes at home and while traveling both.

The Doctor advises us not to use wipes to clean baby potty at home as it contains a chemical in it. Regular using wipes can affect the baby’s skin lateral. Instead of using wipes you can use sterilized cotton that can be dipped in water. You can buy a bundle of cotton from the medical store and use it.

How to Use Cotton for cleaning Baby Potty

> Take a box and keep the Pieces of cotton in small sections or you can buy cotton balls from the market.

> Keep one mug/jar for storing water. Don’t use the mug/jar for any other purpose. Keep it separately in your bathroom.

> Every time when you want to clean the baby potty, take the freshwater from the RO/Tab and after using it to throw the water.

> Keep one mat on which you will keep your baby for cleaning.

> Make small sections of cotton and dip the cotton in light of warm water. Squeeze the cotton so that the maximum water from cotton can be removed. We need to use a little bit of wet cotton.

> Now dip the cotton in water and clean the baby potty with soft hand, please don’t rub it.

> When you finished cleaning throw the pieces of cotton in the dustbin and water too.

> Keep all the above-required material on some table near you so it is easily accessible.

My Baby Story

She was one month old when she develops a rash from a diaper. I was unable to understand the reason behind it because maximum time we keep her open without diapers.  Few friends told us to buy potty rash cream of a good brand from a medical store. I was afraid of using anything on her skin without consulting our child’s doctor. The conditions were not good, it looks very red in color and covers a huge area.

Whenever I clean her potty with wipes, I saw her crying too much at that time. Is it because of chemicals in wipes or rashes? The reason was not clear, therefore we have taken her to the doctor.


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