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3 Effective Tips for Cleaning Your Baby’s Earwax


First of all, do not panic or get worried if you notice Earwax in your Baby’s Ear. Earwax is a medical term is known as Cerumen, a Yellowish sticky waxy secreted or produced inside the Human Ear Canals. In normal words, Earwax it’s a dead skin cell that developed in the lining of the ears. It protects Human’s Ear Canal against the Bacteria, Fungi, Insects, Water, and Other Infections.

Cleaning your Baby’s Ears or Tongue is not going to be an easy task, it’s a bit dangerous for new parents. People around you may suggest you many ways to clean your baby’s earwax, but it’s important for you to understand that cleaning Baby Ears needs your full attention and proper training. Here is the list of products that help you clean Baby’s Ear and Other Things too. 

Is Earwax Dangerous for Babies?

The answer is No, there is nothing to worry about it, this is a natural process of the human body just like the growth of hairs and nails. But, it’s important for parents to keep your baby’s ears clean and dry to protect them from bacteria, germs and causing infections.

Danger sign to look for?

> Excess pulling or rubbing of ears

> Sharp pain in the ear.

> Uncomfortable during sleeping (when sleeping sideways)

> Trouble hearing

> Tugging at the ear

> Diarrhea, vomiting, reduced appetite

> Infection in ears may cause the baby to remain irritated all the time

Things to Keep in Mind before you start cleaning your Baby’s Earwax

> For the First Time, try to clean your Baby’s Ear when he/she is sleeping. So, that they do not move their heads too much and for you, it’s easier to hold them.

> Always use new and fresh material, whether its cotton swab or cloth.

> Wet cotton/earbuds are best for earwax cleaning. warm water will be even better. Before, dipping the cotton cloth/earbud in warm water check water temperature. Check, how warm is the water, so that you don’t put the hot cotton swab or cloth inside Baby’s Ear.

> Don’t overreact, Earwax does not develop fever, feeding or sleeping problem in Babies.

> Don’t be in a hurry to clean both the ears in a short time. First, clean the one ear and wait for any reaction or irritation sign from your Baby. If your baby seems to be okay, then clean the other ear.

> Clean both the ears in every 15 days.


3 Ways to Clean your Baby’s Earwax

1 # By Cotton Swab

Most of the pediatricians do not advise to use a cotton swab to clean the baby’s earwax. But, still, it is the most preferred way to clean the child’s ear. Actually, cleaning through a cotton swab is easy for parents, as its easy to hold and manageable. But it’s important that you do not push the cotton swab /buds too deep inside the baby’s ear.

> Place your baby in your lap.

> Keep warm water in one bowl

> Soak the one cotton swab in the warm water

> Gently clean the baby outer area of the ear first, so that all the  dust and dirt from pollution and the environment can be removed

> Slowly insert the cotton swab inside the baby’s ear, do not push too deep. Turn it right and left. Do this 2 or 3 times, no need to overdo it. You will notice that yellowish colored wax is coming out on the cotton swab.

> Most of the time, the earwax falls out on its own. But, if it does not happen and follows the above steps.

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2 # By Cotton Cloth

The process/method would be similar as you have seen above in Cotton Swab. But, what you need to make sure to use soft/cotton or any other absorbent material.

 3 # By Ear Drops

Ear drops should be used only if earwax is not able to come out automatically or not able to clean by the above methods. You need to consult your pediatrician before buying ear drops for your baby.

> The best time to put ear drops would be at night, once your baby is sleeping

> Make sure the baby is sleeping sideways when using ear drops.

> Try and test eardrops in one ear first to check any irritation or side effects of ear drops.


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