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Which Diaper Brand to Choose or Buy for Newborn Baby – Pampers or Huggies?


Are you Confused, which Brand Diaper you should choose or buy for your newborn baby? You must have never thought that buying a diaper for your Newborn Baby can be so challenging.

For many New Parents, it became the biggest challenge for them to understand what Size, Fit, Comfort and Weight; should consider before buying the baby diaper. It’s not just that, you will face this problem only in selecting Diaper for newborn baby, but as your baby will grow, this confusion will also grow.

It’s very important for new parents to buy the right diaper for your newborn baby, as just born babies’ skin is too sensitive to bear any harmful chemicals. Plus, it’s crucial that the diaper should have a comfortable fit and easy movement.

How to Choose the Right Diaper for Newborn Baby?

Just like any other would-be mother, Alice has done her full homework regarding the basis essentials items required for a newborn at home and hospital. But, she was confused about which brand or company diaper to choose. One of her friends, advised her not to take so much tension, as in hospitals they will theme self give the best brand diaper (as a doctor must have recommended to the hospital). And later she can continue the same company or brand diaper for her Newborn Baby at Home.

But actually it’s not true, Hospital keeps the diaper of those brands, with they have Tie-Ups like Pampers or Huggies. Therefore, choosing the diaper brand as per hospital advice or suggestion is not a great idea. It’s always better to ask the other mothers or search online for the best answer.



Below are Few Important Tips to choose Right Diaper

>> For Boys buy diaper which has more absorbs the power, as boys pee a lot in the front direction. And the chance of leaker is more in the boy’s diaper. Therefore, buy diapers of the brand which has the extra comfort and fit right in on the front.

>> For Girls to buy diaper which, can save them from urine infection. As they are more prone to urine infection as compared to boys.

>> Choose a brand that offers a Small pack of diaper bags, so it’s easy to carry in travel.

>> Off course, it should be reasonable and affordable in Price.

>> Contain No Chemicals, as it’s important for Baby Skin to avoid diaper rash in Babies.

>> Always choose a small pack of diaper for newborn baby in starting, so that if you do not like it then you can change the brand later.

>> Diaper Pants or Normal, buy-in which your baby feel more comfortable. You can ask for the sample directly from the brands to choose from. Brand sometime give offer online for free sampling. Just keep on searching here for any offers like this.

Let’s Find out which Brand Diaper is best for Newborn Baby 

Whether it’s Pampers or Huggies

 Whether you are buying Pampers or Huggies, they both contain some chemicals in it. Like Pamper diaper contains Chlorine and Huggies Diapers contain latex & fragrances. Therefore, this cannot be a reason to differentiate between the two, as they both contain some chemicals.

1 # Pampers :

One of the most trusted brands in India and overseas, Pampers has its collection only dedicated for Newborn Babies. Not every brand has Diaper for Newborn Babies, and they give emphasis on baby’s comfort and fit. Below are the two styles of diaper package and category are offered for Newborn Baby : –

Pampers Newborn Size Diaper Pants (20 Count)

Pampers New Baby Diaper (24 Count)

2 # Huggies

Huggies Ultra Soft for New Baby XS Size Diapers (22 Count)

Huggies Newborn Diapers (NB Size) (24 Count)

HUGGIES Little Snugglers Baby Diapers, Size Newborn, 132 ct

Recommendation: Pamper Diapers

 I have personally tried both the brand’s diaper for my baby and I find Pamper to be a great choice when we talk about baby comfort, leakage, and safety.

> The belt around the stomach (elastic) is not too tight and it does not give pressure to the baby stomach.

> There is no gap between the diaper and the baby’s thighs.

> The biggest reason is damn good absorption.

> Baby can sleep in one diaper one full night, without any discomfort.

> Reasonable in Price

> Pampers offers a wide range of products, so it’s easy for parents to select the diaper for their babies from different size and weight. And parents can repeat using the pamper brand life long until they needed for their child.


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