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10 Myths vs Facts About Baby Skin Colour : Baby Complexion

Baby Skin Colour

Oh Really! In this 21st Century, Parents are still very much worried about their Baby Skin Colour. Before their baby is born, Mothers start dreaming of having a beautiful and fair baby. For mothers, their baby means everything in the world, and skin color should be their last priority, but they are scared about the people in society. What people will say, their judgment, and comments related to the newborn’s baby’s skin color?

In many countries, parents give lots of importance to a baby’s skin color without knowing the facts behind it, especially if their baby’s skin color is dark in complexion. If the baby is fair then there is nothing to worry about but if the baby’s color is dark or brownish then mothers start looking for a solution or home remedies to improve their baby’s skin color. Find out more about how parents can improve their baby’s skin color.

10 Myths vs Facts About Baby Skin Colour

Let’s break these Myths of people and throw light on the actual facts behind Baby Skin Color.

 Myth # 1 

Does the Baby’s Colour come from the Parents?

Yes, there is no doubt that a Baby’s Skin color comes from his or her parents and grandparents’ genes. Normally people say that if it’s a baby girl then she will take the color of her Dad and if it’s a baby boy then he will go on his Mother’s Skin Colour.

In the case you have Identical Twins Babies, they will have the same skin color, as both of them have the same genes. But in the case of Fraternal Twins, they will differ in their physical appearance and skin color. 

Surprisingly, some of the Twin’s Baby parents keep their Twin furniture color and room decoration as per their Baby’s skin tone and gender.

Myth # 2 

Can Eating Good Foods during Pregnancy can change the Colour of Newborns?

There are no facts or studies which support this myth, as we know that a baby’s color comes from his genes. But yes healthy eating habits will surely help in a baby’s growth & development during pregnancy. Everyone near you will suggest you eat good and healthy food for your baby. 

A healthy Diet and Weight will help you and your Baby from Diabetes. These days many pregnant women developed Gestational diabetes during their second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Due to this babies born to Diabetic Mothers, are at higher risk of developing Diabetes in the future too.

Myth # 3

How Baby’s Skin and Hair Colour Decided?

Baby Skin color and Hair color, both are determined by their parent’s genes. The pigment & melanin are passed by you, which will decide the baby’s skin tone, whether it’s going to be dark or fair. Babies tend to take genes from their father and mother. Don’t think a lot about your baby’s skin or hair color as it is god’s gift and you should love them the way it is.

Parents more emphasis should be on their Baby’s Overall Development, rather than on Skin Tone. Explore How as a Parent you can grow your Baby’s Hair Faster and make beautiful hairstyles, just enjoy parenthood.

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Myth # 4 

Why Newborn Babies Are Born with Dark Complexion?

There is nothing to worry about this, many Babies are Born with a Dark Complexion. This is caused due to the Baby’s Immature Blood Circulation. Many Newborn Babies are born with dark red or purple skin tone, which sometimes looks like dark black color. But as the baby will grow the baby’s skin color will change naturally.

Myth # 5 

Baby Hands and Feet are Bluish in Colour?

Newborn Babies look Dark Red Color in the Early Days, and slowly the Red Color will Fade Out. But the Color of the Baby’s Hands and Feet will take some time to go maybe a few weeks. Actually, it’s happening again because of the immature circulatory system of the baby. There is nothing to worry about it, it will go away in some time, and the baby’s skin color will get normal.

Myth # 6 

What role Melanin has in Baby Skin Colour?

Melanin is the pigment that gives baby skin, eyes & hair their color. Babies who have dark complexion have more melanin in their skin as compared to fair people. The more melanin in human skin means dark skin; actually, melanin protects your skin from sun rays, which causes sunburns and a dark complexion.

Myth # 7 

How Long will it take Jaundice Dark Colour to go away?

Babies who are born with Jaundice have to go under the Phototherapy Light Treatment for around 48 hours (depending on the Baby’s Health Condition. But due to exposure to phototherapy light waves, baby skin becomes a little dark. It’s very common in babies these days and it gets clear in two or three-week. Parents do not need to get worried about their baby’s skin color, as sometimes the baby will take his own color.

Myths # 8 

 Face pack, Home Remedies & Ubtan can help in improving the Baby’s Skin Complexion.

No, that is the answer because your Baby’s Skin Color is decided by his Genes and Nothing else. But, Offcourse these Home Remedies can help in getting better skin quality. The parent should focus on giving healthy food that can help babies to have glowing skin and good growth.

Myth # 9 

Does Body Oil Massage Darker the Baby Skin Tone?

Massaging oil does not make your Baby’s Skin Color Darker. Some people say that the use of mustard oil or coconut oil darkens a Baby’s Skin. There are no facts or research which prove this myth. Oil massage is important for your baby’s bones and growth. So, don’t get confused, and don’t stop giving your baby a full body oil massage.

 Myth # 10

Big Brand Fairness Products will improve My Baby Skin Colour?

Again the answer is no. No soap, oil, cream, lotion, or other products can change your baby’s skin color. No baby products can improve or change the skin color of your baby’s skin color. Your baby will get its color from its parent’s genes. By using these baby products you are actually taking chances on your baby’s soft and fragile skin. Don’t bother too much about your Baby’s Skin Colour, it god gifted.

All Babies are Beautiful, Adorable, Cute, and Smart. Skin color doesn’t make any sense these days Enjoy Motherhood!


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