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10 Reasons Behind Your Child Obesity

Child Obesity

Are you fighting with your child obesity issue? Have you ever thought the reason behind your child obesity? No, many parents do not care about the facts & reasons behind their child obesity and they make it worst when they scream or scold their kids for weight gain.

There can be many reasons behind the unusually weight gain in your kid. Generally, it has been said that obesity occurs due to imbalance of energy between calories consumed and spend.

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Currently in many countries child obesity has become a bigger issue day by day. Parents are busy in their working schedule and they cannot give as much as attentions as their kids demand from them. And to cover up their absence, parents fulfil their kids all demands without knowing its consequences.

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10 Reasons behind Your Child Obesity

Easy Access to Electronic Devices :

Sitting at one place for many hours, will result in obesity. Kids love to spend time on mobile phones, tabs, digital games & in front of television. And the worst thing is that they eat all rubbish things. Some parents have this myth in their mind that working parents kids are more prone to Obesity. Of course not, stay at home parents also go through this problem, actually in their case kids get more time and access to their parents mobile and tabs.

Solution / Tip

Fix the time of watching tv & playing games on mobile: It’s not possible for parents to keep their kids way from electronic devices, but the one which is possible to Fixed the Time. Tell your kid to use the phone for one hour in evening and divide their tv time into one hour afternoon and one hour evening.


In many cases Genes & Heredity is behind the child obesity. You must have seen some over weight babies and kids too under the age of 5 years old. The reason behind their obesity is not food; it has come from their parents genes. In this case you cannot do much but that does not mean that you cannot flight with your child obesity.

 Solution / Tip

Get your kid involved in some daily exercise or yoga at home. Fix some time in morning or evening and you yourself do exercise with your kids. You can motivate your kids during exercise to do more and more.

Wrong Eating Habits

We all know that wrong eating habit is the major reason behind child obesity. But the question is that, can’t it be controlled in some way. Off course it can, it’s just that parents have to make more efforts and include good nutrition food in kid’s diet. But the question is how to do it, please see the below tip for your reference. Wrong eating habits mean wrong choose of food & wrong timing.

Solution / Tip

Parents should try to make the good recipes with the nutrition food, so that kids can eat them. Also, you can work on food presentation. You will find many website which can help you to serving good nutrition in good way. It’s not easy for parents to keep their kids away from junk food but you cannot give up.

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Late Night Snacks

Eating snacks at late light contributes a lot in child obesity. Kids, who have a habit of sleeping late are used to eat junk food at night. In case you’re child studies late in night, then the best thing is to make some healthy snacks for him, which does not harm her or his health too.

Solution / Tip

Late night snacks eating habit is bad for adults and kids health. It’s better to tell them to eat everything before 9 pm in night. If they feel hungry in night give them ONE GLASS of Milk in night. Replace unhealthy food items to healthy one.

Lack of Sleep

Kids who sleep late in night eat more as compare to other kids. Unhealthy eating habits develop especially in night, whether its kids or adults. Lack of sleep is one of reason behind obesity. Do you know that lack of sleep may disrupt a number of hormones that affect our eating patterns?

Solution / Tip

Discourage your kids to watch TV late in night or complete their school home work late. Or you can offer them to wake up late in one day weekend, when they have holiday nest day. This will keep them satisfied from inside, plus it resolves your problem.

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Increase in Sugar Intake

Having coke or other sugar based drinks, can affect your kid’s health and play a very important role in child obesity. Kids love having soft drink with snacks and especially in school time. They trend to crave more for sugary and carbohydrate foods in this case. Do you know the high sugar intake can lead to depression and mood swings in later life on kids. Therefore, try to totally avoid them.

Solution / Tip

Best solution is to replace it with some Juice, Nimbu Pani or Homemade Mocktail. You can mix two or three juices together and make it a good mocktail for your kid.

No Control of Parents over Money

Parents don’t have time for their kids but they have money for them. This money replacing parent’s policy is one of the biggest reasons behind child obesity. Earlier kids have to ask their parents to buy anything from market, but on pocket-money and extra money with kids are contributing a lot in child obesity.

Kids can buy whatever they want to buy from this money. They buy all junk food when they eat with their friends and at home while sitting in front of TV.

Solution / Tip

Only one solution, don’t give money to your kids. Buy them by yourself and give them, avoid giving free hand to money.

Less Physical Activities

No games, basket ball, football, cycling, activities etc, in which kids are taking participate these days. Parents are so busy in their routine life that they ignore their kid’s physical activities participation.

It’s not always kids faulty; sometimes parents are also responsible for their child obesity. Parents don’t bother to take them outside in evening after office or sometime stay at home moms also doesn’t take interest. Please don’t ignore this, it’s very important for your kids to play games and be active.

Solution / Tip

Play with your kids in evening or take them to sport playgrounds where they can make more friends. It’s important for kids to have friends because that will keep their interest alive. If you want you can enrol them in some part-time games near your house.

Love for Outside Food

Kids love outside food and junk foods. These days parents can fulfil their kid’s demand of taking them out for pizza or burger party. Actually we all love outside food, why to blame kids only. But you have to make some rules in home to avoid this situation. Outside food means more calories and help in obesity.

Solution / Tip

Make pizza, burger or paste or whatever food your kids love at home by including healthy food in it. It will be better than outside food. Plus can go out once in a month, in case of weekly outing.

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Less Awareness about Food

Parents and kids are aware of junk food but do not know its impact on their health when we talk about long-term. Awareness and knowledge it’s very important, parents should first get themselves aware of healthy and unhealthy foods, so that they can include the same in their kid’s life. There are many food nutrition values which parents do not aware of themselves.

Solution / Tip

First of all, parents should get themselves some knowledge about the foods according to their kid’s age. Plus tell your kids about healthy benefits of food and give example of other celebrity kids or adults who are eating healthy foods.


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