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How Can Dads Help New Moms with Newborn Baby

Newborn Baby

Different Styles of Newborn Baby Bonding with her or his Dad. In the current world, the whole perspective towards men’s and new dad has been changed. Dads are playing more roles in the baby’s life starting from changing the diapers and get back to sleep.

Dads can be a very helpful hand to New Moms in taking care of the Newborn at home, these days’ dads are more responsible as compared to 90’s dads. Around 10 to 15 years back in families, it was taken for granted that newborn or infant care is totally the responsibility of the mother. Earlier in Joint/Big families or nuclear families, the head of the family that suppose to be a man again does not allow their sons/other men’s to take care of their babies. In case, a father wants to help her wife in the daily work of a newborn baby, his mother or other female members will not allow him and start taunting him.

Many companies give 7 days’ Paternity Leave to men’s,  it’s damn less but then also it’s helpfully in some way. Working Men’s should demand more Paternity Leave at least for 15 days or a one month after the birth of a baby to help his wife and taking care of newborn babies.

Especially that woman who stays alone in metro cities and have less support from their families. They don’t have many options but to hire some local maid or caretaker to look after the mother & baby. But it’s not safe for both in terms of health and security but they don’t have any option left.

Dads are also too excited about welcoming his newborn baby, but as we know that men’s show lesser emotions as compared to women’s. But it does not mean that we create our own perspective towards the father role.

Tips For First Time Dad

1 # Father & Mother should Divide the Night-time Duties of Sleeping with a Newborn Baby

This is the most demanding and challenging job for both the New Parents. Some Babies are tough in taking care off and some are easy to handle and maintain. As we all know Dads are working buddies in the home and for them, the biggest problem arises when we ask them to wake up with Baby in the night.

Actually, it’s not as difficult as its sound; everything in the world has a solution. New Parents can split the night-time sleeping duties with a Newborn Baby. In case your baby has a tendency to wake up many times in a night then the question arises ‘How Can Dads Help’.

The simple and easiest solution for this problem is that Dads should try to take a wake up in First Half of Night from 10.00 till 1.30 to 2.00 a.m with a Newborn Baby. And tell your wife to take a good sleep in the same period; this will help your wife to wake up in the second half.

In this way, Dad can help their wife and can go to the office easily the next day. Please remember that it does not compromise that your Newborn baby will do the same routine all the 7 days in a week. Only for 2 to 3 days in a week Dads need to help their wife and do their little job.

2 # Take One or Two Daily Responsibility of Newborn Baby 

Dads just need to share one or two responsibilities of the baby with their wife of daily routine. As dads are not available in the daytime, they can help the new moms in earlier morning or in the evening. After you wake up in the morning tell your wife to take a small nap till you are getting ready for office.

Newborn Baby doesn’t move till he or she is 3 months old. They are used to stay at one place on the bed and moves legs and hands. While getting ready Dads can keep an eye on baby and keep talking to them. In this way, Moms can relax for a while.

In case Dads go a little bit late to the office then they can help moms in the Baby Bath. Or Dad can take the baby to a walk in the evening to give a little bit relax time to mom back at home. Or can help in feeding baby by bottle.

3 #  Help in Baby Bath or Sponge Bath 

Sometimes in a week, your wife is not well or maybe due to delivery she doesn’t feel comfortable in giving bath to the newborn baby then you can help her. Normally newborn baby needs to take bath after 7 or 10 days after birth, till then maybe your wife’s health condition is not good. Then you can help the other family member or caretaker in giving a bath or sponge bath to the baby in the morning. Get the baby ready after the bath and leave the happy & smile baby.

4 # Get Newborn Baby to Sleep 

It’s not that newborn baby creates trouble in the night only for sleeping purposes. In the daytime too, babies have the habit of playing more and sleeping less. Due to which moms never get rest. Some babies have the habit of sleeping on a parent’s shoulder while taking a small walk. On weekends when you are at home then take this responsibility in your hand and get your baby to sleep

5 #  Help Mother in Breastfeeding or Formula Feeding

The biggest issue in mom’s life is breastfeeding the newborn baby and especially at night. Try to help new moms to feed the baby in the middle of the night. Due to c-section or delivery, it’s not easy for moms to get up by its know and pick the newborn baby and feed. Dads can help their wife by giving the baby in her arms or in changing the breast position.

If someday your wife is not well or she is sleeping and your baby shows the sign of hungry then Dads can feed the milk to baby from bottle.

6 #  Make the House Safe for Mother & Newborn Baby 

Move all the unwanted furniture from the home. Make the space for mother and baby for a walk inside the house. Extra furniture in-house can hurt your wife and baby. Especially in the night when you are taking a walk with the baby to get her sleep; these unwanted objects can create a problem.

Therefore, before a baby is born, take out extra things from your home or keep it in the storage room.

7 # Be with Mother when Baby is Sick or Not Well

This is the worst time for both parents. When babies are not well they tend to get more attached to moms. This is the time when they both need your support and comfort from Dad’s side. Try to take off from office and be with mother & baby, as your wife will never say you to stay, as she understands your position. But don’t think your wife will take care of a baby or the whole situation. Actually, she is capable of doing so, but your care & affection towards both of them will create a good atmosphere.

And in case your baby health gets worse than you can drive and take the baby to the hospital. Also as the head of the family, you will make the right decision towards baby medication.

8 # Keep Your Wife Way from Postnatal Depression 

Many men don’t take this situation seriously or maybe they don’t think that Depression can affect their wife. Actually, maybe your wife is going through postnatal depression and she & you are not aware of it. Postnatal depression happens due to hormonal changes after having a baby. So it’s important for Dads / Men’s to read about Postnatal depression and see that it doesn’t affect your wife’s health.

9 # Buy all Baby Necessity Items at home 

Before you bring your newborn baby home, buy all things beforehand and keep in one wardrobe. As whenever you or your wife required something in an emergency you had that item in your wardrobe, especially medicines.

10 # Learn to Change Diaper of Newborn 

It can be fun for all Daddies to change Baby Diapers and it’s very easy to do. Come on, you are a new generation Dads and you can show the world & your family member that Dads can also take responsibility for changing the diaper.

11 # Learn How to Cook Little Bit for Family 

In case of emergency, when your wife cannot cook for herself and for you, then you must help her by cooking something for both of you. If you can cook for your wife while Your wife can be tired many times in taking care of your newborn baby that if you cook for her, she will be the happiest person in the world. At least once in a week, you can show your love towards your wife.

12 # Support Her Mental & Emotionally 

Your wife must be tried and stopped taking care of herself. Due to this new responsibility, she is not looking after herself and stuck in a single room full day. This is the time when you have to support her emotionally and mentally to cope up with this new responsibility.


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