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10 Brain Foods That Boost Your Toddler’s IQ

Brain Foods

Brain Foods will help your Toddler’s Brain to Develop Healthily. These Brain Foods play an important role in your Kids Growth & Development. It’s not that other foods don’t have any benefits, but these foods have more impact on Kids’ Brain.

Here, you will find the Name of Foods, which will help you, in the same way, to Boost your Child IQ, with its Benefits. Plus Most Important, How Parents Can Give or Add these Brain Foods in Your Toddler’s Diet. One more way to boost your Toddler’s IQ is through Good Educational Toys, which Parents need to select very carefully.

1 # Fish Oil Supplement

Are you confused about why to give Supplement of Fish Oil to Toddlers? Actually, in case your child does not like eating Fish like Salmon, light tuna, cod, catfish, pollock, and Sardines, which are low in mercury. Then you can give them a daily or weekly Fish Oil Supplement to boost their mind. As you know that Fish Oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids that are too good or kids as well as for parents too. It helps in child Brain & Eye Development.

Parents should try to give Fish first, try your best to introduce a Fish in your kid’s diets. This will be the best way to give Omega 3 to your toddler. But if not possible, then try giving supplements, you can ask your child’s doctor about the dose.

How to Add in Your Child Food

According to the Institute of Medicine, kids from the age group of 1 to 3 only require 700 milligrams of total omega 3s daily and kids from 4 to 8 years old need 900 milligrams per day.

If you Toddler Eat Fish then Serve him or her twice a week. And he doesn’t then give him One Capsule of Fish Oil on alternate days is sufficient for Toddler. Try to give just after the meals.

2 # Chicken

As we all know that chicken is a  source of protein. It helps in boosting kids’ brains as it offers a balance of Vitamins B6 and B12, which help Brain to become Healthy. It helps with the kids getting healthier bones, helps in increasing their height.  Chicken dishes are the healthiest foods in the world, and you can find many recipes of chicken dishes to serve your kids. They are easy to make and easy for digestion. Your kids will always feel healthy from inside.

How to Add in Your Child Food

You can give Half Kg of Chicken in One Week’s Time.

Try to give Leg or Breast chicken pieces first, they are easy to digest.

Don’t give chicken with small bones, the otherwise choking issue can raise.


3 # Eggs

Fantastic product for kids’ brain development, it helps the brain to boost memory and intelligences. Eggs are the best way to have a healthy breakfast, and it’s loved by most of the kids. It’s up to you how you add eggs in your kid diet. Egg Yolk keeps the kid’s brain cells always fresh and healthy, so don’t forget to give eggs to your kid. Brain Foods are important for every kids’ growth.

How to Add in Your Child Food

You can give Scrambled Eggs in Breakfast or Boiled Eggs. 

Egg Curry in Lunch or, Dinner With Roti or Paratha.

In Summer – Serve the Eggs thrice a week, as Eggs will increase the body temperature if you serve more in summer.

In Winter – You can give one boil Egg every day.


4 # Salmon Fish

A good source of high protein, which is too good for kids as well as your elders. It contains all the vitamins and minerals, which will provide a healthy lifestyle to your kid. It had a good source of Vitamin B12, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, potassium, etc. Fish also control your kids’ weight as it’s, not its fat does not increase the weight as compared to other nonvegetable foods. Fish is one of the best Brain Foods for kids as well as adults.

How to Add in Your Child Food

You can give any Fish to Toddler or Kids Thrice a Week.

Don’t overdo it in starting, if your baby starts liking the Fish too much.

Then you can give one small portion every day in lunch or dinner.

5 # Tomato

Kids generally don’t like eating tomatoes at all. Parents have to look out for many options to add tomato in their kid’s diet. A tomato has many benefits like its good source of vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, folate, etc.

Parents can introduce the tomatoes in the baby diet when they turn one year old, as it has acidity contents and can cause allergies to toddlers. It helps kids to build stronger bones, the immune system. Very Fewer People Know that Tomato is also a Brain Foods that had many benefits.

How to Add in Your Child Food

Don’t Give Raw Tomato to your Kids till they are 5 years old.

Raw Tomato is the biggest reason behind the allergies in kids.

Many Parents add raw tomatoes in the sandwich and give it kids.

Please avoid it, try to little saute it on the frypan and then give. 

The Best way to add tomatoes is in every gravy to make for your kid.

6 # Kidney Beans 

Lots of kids love to eat kidney beans, also called as Rajma. It has all vitamins and minerals which help kids for better growth and development. As protein and fiber are required for healthy kids lifestyles, it fulfills all your kid’s demand fiber requirements on a daily basis. It also has good Iron, which will again help to give calcium, potassium, and folate to kids. Kidney Beans and other pulses are also known as good Brain Foods.

How to Add in Your Child Food

It can be served as snacks or main food.

Boiled the Kidney Beans and add it with sprouts or fruits, make it as food chart.

A best and easy way is to make Grave Kidney Beans, (Rajma Gravy), actually this dish is eaten by the whole family.


7 # Chickpeas :

Again it has protein, fiber, iron, zinc, etc, which is good for kids’ health and had good protein. But just remember that you can give the chickpeas to your baby only after 12 months old. Actually, it’s hard to digest therefore it’s important that your kids have a good immune system.

Again it’s easy to make, you can give serve them as boiled or with homemade masala gravy recipe. Whichever way your kid like to have it, but make it sure that you give once or twice a week.

How to Add in Your Child Food

Chickpeas can be given to kids, in the same way, to are serving them Kidney Beans.

In Food Chart, Dry Chola or Gravy Dish, whichever style your Kid Like.

Serve the dish with Roti or Rice.


8 # Soybeans

It has those proteins which you will not find in any other vegetable. It has folate, iron, calcium, vitamin D, zinc, insoluble fiber and Vitamin B, etc. Don’t forget to add this food item in your kid’s diet.

It will help a toddler to have all the calcium which is a need for healthy bones & teeth. Protein will again provide your child to have good and healthy lifestyle and brain.

How to Add in Your Child Food

Boiled it and mix it with any vegetables, make as chaat out of the thing.

Can make sabzi or gravy of soybeans in lunch or dinner and serve it with Roti.


9 # Turmeric Milk

We all know Milk is most important for our toddler’s health out of all these foods listed here. And turmeric milk has added benefits like it helps to build a strong immune system, help in having healthy bones, detoxify the liver. Plus Turmeric Milk works best when our kids get hurt while playing. These days they say that Turmeric Milk is good for adults also.

One glass of Turmeric Milk will help your kid to have a healthy life in the coming years.

How to Add in Your Child Food

Give One Glass of Turmeric Milk every day to your Toddler or Kids.

Give them to have it in Night, before Sleeping timing. It will help them to have good sleep.


10 # Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits are the most healthy and have power packs of nutrients for kids. It helps kids learn fast, boost their minds, help them in memories things, etc. Nuts like Almonds, Walnuts, cashew nuts, raisins, hazelnuts, pistachios, etc. In the long run, it will help in maintaining your Kid Hemoglobin, Keep them health, Full of energy, Help them in flight with any digestion issues, etc.

A parent should add lots of nuts in the daily routine of the toddler. You can give them directly to eat or you can mix the nuts in their food.

How to Add in Your Child Food

Give them in the morning in Small pieces, mix all the Dry Fruits and give.

You can give them in Halwa or any other Sweet Dish. 

If your kid doesn’t want to eat Raw Dry Fruits then you can make the Dry Fruits Powder and add in different dishes.

It can be added in Mango Juice or in Milk.

11# Grains

Grains are very important for a healthy diet, as it gives good energy to kids for normal growth and development. The Dietary Fibre in it works properly for bowel function and vitamin B provides a healthy nervous system by converting energy from fats, carbohydrates, and glucose.

Whole Grains foods have much nutritional food value, it prevents in damaging of blood vessels, reduce diabetes, risk of heart diseases, etc in Adult, But for kids to it has all protein and vitamins which will help them to grow and boost their minds.

Plus kids love these Brain Foods like bread, cereal, pasta, quinoa & barley, etc. Parents will not have to flight in serving this food to their toddlers.

How to Add in Your Child Food

There are many ways to add or give Grains in Toddler’s Diet.

You can give the White or Brown Bread Sandwich or with Butter.

Make Pasta or Quinoa for your Kids, they just love it. 

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