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5 Highly Nutritious Foods for Growing Toddlers

Nutritious Foods

When we talk about Nutritious Foods for our Growing Toddlers and Kids. We all get Confused about – What to give and What not to give. There are many foods available on the market but the biggest problem is that as Parents we do not know their benefits.

We all talk or search a lot about Nutritious Foods for our kids, but do we follow it? Do we add those foods to our kid’s diet? When you will ask this question yourself, you will get the best answer.

Here we are not going to discuss the big list of 10 or 15 nutritious foods, but by just adding these 5 nutritious foods to your toddler’s diet you will have healthy and fit kids. Nutritious foods are a must for growing toddlers to have good growth and development.

5 Highly Nutritious Foods for Growing Toddlers

1 # Edible Seaweed or Sea Vegetables

Many people do not know or heard about Edible Seaweed. It’s mainly found in countries like China, the Korean Peninsula, and Japan. Seaweed contains a high amount of fiber and detoxifying food, which is too good for growing kids.

Many chefs use this product in preparation for different cuisines. The most common seaweed is Dulse, Nori & Arame but in Asian countries, kombu and wakame are popular and easy to get.

It has a rich source of minerals, calcium, copper, iodine, iron, protein, fiber, and vitamins, specifically vitamin K and folic acid which it’s too good for children or adults to have it.

How to Add in Toddlers Food:

First of all, it’s going to be a tough task for parents to get their toddlers to eat this food. You have to be very creative in making and serving it to your toddler. Try to add this to your kid’s diet at a very early stage otherwise, he or she will not develop the taste of it and start refusing it later.

You can serve them with Salad, Seaweed wraps, rice or pasta or vegetables, etc.


2 # Beetroot

We all know that Beetroot is a good source of iron and folic acid. And many parents start giving beetroot in the form of juice or soup to babies under the age group of 1 year old. A high supply of vitamins and minerals helps kids in growing healthy.

Due to the high supply of vitamins and minerals, it is highly recommended for kids healthy as it has iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, etc.

How to Add in Toddlers Food:

You can give Beetroot Soup, Beetroot Juice, Beetroot Rice, and pancakes.

3 # Moringa

World Health Organization also recommends feeding malnourished infants and children Moringa daily. Moringa has plenty number of health benefits that you have never thought of. It contains iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin c, protein, etc which can give a healthy life to your kids. The best part is that it’s an antioxidant and it will help your child from infections and disease.

But some people say that moringa in the form of powder is the best way to add it to kids’ diet, as the dried powder has more nutritious than leaves.

How to Add in Toddlers Food:

You can add this in Dal, Clear Soup, Paratha and Mixed with other vegetables.

4 # Fenugreek Leaves

Very commonly used in Indian foods and also daily. It’s a green leaf vegetable that should include in your kid’s diet in the same way. It solves lots of issues and problems like cures constipation, flight with Flu & colds, helps in improving liver function, etc for kids. For adults, it lowers the chances of Cholesterol, Diabetes Heart Problems, Blood Lipids, etc.

How to Add in Toddlers Food:

The best way is to serve in Roti or Paratha, as kids and other family people love it. There are many other ways too but this is simply the best one.

5 # Broccoli

Broccoli has all the nutrients which are required for healthy kids & lifestyle. They are easy to make and easily available around you. It’s a good source of vitamins K, C, E & B6, chromium, folate fiber & pantothenic acid, etc.

Normally parents start giving it to their kids when they are 8 months old. Broccoli has many benefits and it has been the best finger food for babies later toddlers can also enjoy it.

How to Add in Toddlers Food:

As a Finger Food, Boiled Broccoli, Soup, Dal, and Mixed Vegetable sabzi.



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