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5 Dangerous Parenting Mistakes To Avoid in the Baby’s First Year

Parenting Mistakes

When we Talk about Newborn Baby Care, then it’s got important for Parents not to make Silly Parenting Mistakes, which can turn into a Deadly Situation. You must be surprised to hear that educated parents are in the top list of people who make these silly parenting mistakes. As they think that they know everything in this digital world, which is not true at all. To educate the parents earlier also we have written about this point, but still, some parents do not understand the seriousness of this situation. Below are the 5 points, which is important for parents to memorized to avoid (Parenting Mistakes) any mishappening to their Baby.

1 # Giving up Breastfeeding 

As per the doctor’s advice, mothers should not stop breastfeeding until their babies are 6 months old. It’s up to mothers till what age they want to breastfeed their kids. Breastfeeding is the best way to connect with their newborn baby? The decision of Giving up breastfeeding should not be made in isolation by just thinking about yourself, but mothers should also take into account their baby’s health and need. For newborn babies, breastfeeding is the only way to get warmth, love & affection from their mother. There are many benefits of mother’s milk which help in keeping the baby healthy and infection-free. You can click here to see the best breastfeeding products which will change your life.

Do you know that Breastfeeding helps mothers to lose weight too? Find out the benefits of extended breastfeeding and products of breastfeeding you should use to have a comfortable feeding time.

2 # Avoid Giving the Bottle Feed to Baby to Early

This is one serious mistake new parent makes when they put their infant on bottle feed as early as when they are a few days old. Babies on bottle feed never go back to breastfeed as breastfeed is difficult and needs lots of effort from babies.

Many mothers do this to get sleep in the night. Because babies who are on breastfeed trends to wake up every 2 to 3 hours to feed as compared to babies who are on bottle feed. Babies on Bottle feed easily sleep around 5 to 6 hours in one go because they are being overfed. As compared to bottle feed which easier and quicker way to fill the baby’s stomach. Click here to see the Baby Feeding products which may help you in feeding your baby in a smooth way.

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3 # Tell People Not to Touch or Kiss Your Baby

It’s sounds rude but for a newborn baby, it’s important to tell people around you not to touch your baby. Newborn babies are prone to catch germs & infections extremely fast, you never know what is the hygiene other people follow. Therefore it will be a good decision to tell your Family Members, Relatives, or Friends not to touch the baby and give their blessing from a distance.

Keep your infants away from people until they turn 3 months old. Use good quality hand sanitizer and always keeps it near to infants so that each and everyone must sanitize their hands before touching/holding your baby.

4 # Wrong Posture for Holding and Picking Up Babies

Many fathers and mothers are found guilty in this condition. According to one study, most parents do not know how to hold the baby in their arms. They do not know how to support the baby’s head and what is the right posture. Here are a few tips for parents, to understand through pictures how to hold the baby.

5 # Forget to give Burp to Baby after Feeding

Breastfeeding Babies do not need much burping as compare to Bottle Fed Babies. But giving a burp to your baby after breastfeeding or bottle-feed will help the baby’s digestive process and prevent the chances of vomit. There is an old saying that if your baby has taken proper burp then it means that her stomach is full. There does not fix in the process to make a baby burp, but the best way is to rub hands on her back from bottom to top movement, normally it will not take more than 5 minutes in making your baby burp.


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