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Why You Need To Be A Fit Mom

Fit Mom

Fit Mom and Fitness can be a same sides of the coins. Whether you were fit or not before your pregnancy but now you need to think about it and do something for yourself. Fitness does not mean only to be fit by physical appearance; it is for your inner and mental strength.

It’s very important to be fit for Ladies who are planning for a baby till they became a mom. And after becoming a mom of baby, it’s get more important for you and for your baby to be Fit to meet your daily needs.

Fitness is something which no one should ignore or side lines it. Every Woman in the world wants to be fit and look sexy as ever. But as we all know our daily eating habits and routine are keep many of us away from our dream.

Whenever you saw some other Fit New Mom, you start dreaming to look like her. We all want to be fit but have you ever thought that Fit Mom is a requirement for a Good Baby Growth too, why I am saying this let’s find out.

Reason Behind Why You Need To Be a Fit Mom

You need to be Fit to Conceiving a Baby:

Do you know that overweight woman does not conceiving baby easily. They take more time to conceiving baby as compare to fit woman. Your elders in the family must have told you to lose weight before planning a baby. The reason behind is that overweight will create a problem in conceiving baby and other health problem during your pregnancy throughout 9 months.

Therefore, for ladies who are overweight, needs to think about doing Yoga or Exercise to become a Fit Person to achieve their dream.

Fitness during Pregnancy is required for Healthy Baby:

Most important factor of pregnancy phase is to be fit. Ladies who are too slim or heavy weight have lots of problem and trouble in their pregnancy period. Problem Likes High blood pressure, preeclampsia, blood clotting and thyroid etc.

That’s why it’s very important to maintain your fitness and weight throughout your pregnancy for having a healthy baby. Ladies who are not fit physically or mentally face many issue or problem. Fitness will keep your mind and body both fresh and relax. You should try not to eat extra food and calories during pregnancy, as doctor also don’t advice to eat for 2 people. Just eat health and enjoy your pregnancy. The result of been a Fit Mom will help you to have good health and weight baby at end.

Fitness is Required to Recovery Fast from Delivery:

Whether you had baby from normal delivery or c-section, in both the cases you will face the problem of recovering from delivery pain & stitches. Ladies, who are fit during their pregnancy period, find it easy to recovery from post delivery.

It will keep the New Mom away from Depression:

Fitness keep the ladies mind relax and fresh. And it helps them to be aware and away from postpartum depression. Especially, Yoga is the best way to medication and keeps the New Mom on the track. Depression can never attack or hit Fit Mom.

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To cope up with daily requirement of your newborn baby:

Fit Mom can easily cope up with baby daily work schedule and can easily handle other household work. To cope up with babies’ daily work is the biggest challenge faced by many new moms. Many Moms give it up and call for help or hire some local caretaker. Especially, ladies who stay alone in nuclear family.

Just do little bit walking and yoga in first 2 months after having a baby. Give yourself little bit time to heel from the pain of delivery. Women are who are fit before and during pregnancy will take less time to recover. And they can easily manage their newborn baby work and good take care of baby.

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To Get Baby Sleep Fast:

You really need to be a Fit Mom for this purpose. Babies have this bad habit for sleeping on parents shoulder. To get your baby a good and fast sleep, parents cradle them in many ways.

For mommies it become more difficult due to extra pregnancy weight and post delivery pain to move or walk around whole house with baby, so fitness will help you here.

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For Regular Breastfeeding:

Babies wake up many times in day and night for breastfeed, which make it difficult for new moms to cope with. In every 2 or 3 hours mother had to feed the baby. And getting in feeding position or changing the breast side is difficult for non fit moms. Therefore, for doing regular breastfeeding to minimum 6 months you need to be a Fit Mom.

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To Play with Your Baby Indoor as well as Outdoor:

Playing with newborn is difficult, as many times who have to hold the baby in arms and play with him. When you baby start crawling, moms need to go behind them in every corner of the house.

Over weight can create a hurdle in your away and will keep you away from happy moments in life i.e playing with your baby, which comes only once.

Fit Mom means Something you are Doing for Yourself :

Whether you do Yoga or Exercise, what every way you need to be a Fit Mom, just remember that you are doing this only for yourself.

Need to be Fit Mom for Saying ‘No’ to Any Comparison:

Comparison is the biggest challenge in pregnant women life. Many times you will see the reaction on your husband face, which were outburst and saying to you that see the other new mom and compare yourself with her fit body. Your Husband is not saying this directly to you, but you can easily figure out that look and reaction on his face.

So, try to be a Fit Mom for yourself and say no to any comparison.

For Your Family:

Fit Mom means fit baby and fit family. Fitness is required for good and health family. Healthy Family always cherishes happy movements and has good confidence in themselves. So, say yes to fitness and became Fit Mom.

 Say ‘Yes’ to Yoga and Exercise after Pregnancy and become Fit Mom. Happy International Yoga Day !

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