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How To Become a Fit Mom : 15 Fitness Tips

Fitness Tips

Hi, Mommies, Here are Few Fitness Tips for you to get Best Result in Natural Way to Become Fit Mom. Here I am not going to give you the Same Fitness Tips which you will find on very Other Website.  We will talk about Natural Ways, which other Moms had adopted and Lost Weight after Having a Baby.

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Fit Mom means Fit Baby, Fitness does not only consider to your outer look. Fitness is required to cope up with everyday requirement of yours and for your baby. You just need to be dedicated and honest towards for efforts of losing weight.

15 Fitness Tips to Become a Fit Mom

1 # Don’t Stop Breastfeeding:

Many new moms do not know that breastfeeding help in burning toms of calories post delivery. It’s the easiest and natural way of losing weight. It helps in contracts your uterus to become smaller and you will start feeling light in your lower stomach.

People who say the breastfeeding mothers eat for 2, which why they don’t lose weight; they gain weight instead of losing it. Those people are the most foolish people in the world. Please don’t listen to them and breastfed your baby minimum till 6 months.

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2 # Make Short Term Goals:

Make a Goal to consume 1200 calories in a day. And make a short note of how much weight you want to lose in a week and in a month’s time. Just don’t jump on an unexpected figure in starting. Try to make the goal, which you can achieve.

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3 # Keep Measuring your Progress:

Tracking your weight loss will keep you motivated to do more. Just keep on measuring your inches and clothes size. It feels very nice to watch yourself losing some weight in a week time; it will give you more confidence to keep up the good work.

4 # Stock Extra Food for your Unwanted Craving:

When you start thinking of losing weight, your mind will suddenly start attracting Junk foods. This is the time to control your craving and build your inner strength.

You can buy and keep foods like Protein Bars, Protein Shakes & Nuts when you are at home or going out. By eating this healthy food, you will end up eating less at the end of the day.

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5 # Drink Green Tea without Sugar:

Everywhere these days’ people and celebrities are suggesting drinking Green Tea for good health. Actually, there is no harm in green tea as compared to other varieties of tea. And normal tea with sugar means 25 calories and green tea contain O calories.

6 # Maintain your Regular Morning or Evening Walks:

Take time for minimum 30 to 40 minutes walk in a day. And in case you can do the walking both the times then that will be perfectly fine. At least you should walk one time in a day – morning or evening, choose according to your need.

You can also take your baby in the pram for a walk or if you have a toddler then take him out of outdoor games. But involve physical activities in your day.

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7 # Drink Plenty of Water :

Again these fitness tips are best as ever. Drink and drink lots of water, water does not have any calories. It actually helps to cut back on sugar and calories. Water will help your stomach to feel full and you never automatically eat less.

8 # Make a Diet Chart for a Week:

Make a diet chart for a week or a month and paste it in your kitchen area. Also, eat accordingly to your chart. Break the food serving time into 6 serves in a day. Eat is a small section and eat health. You can search online for a good diet chart as per your weight loss target.

9 # Do Regular Exercise at Home:

Keep doing regular exercise at home and at least for an hour. Start with low impact exercise in starting and then continue to height impact workouts. Just remember that don’t do wrong things in a hurry, take your time to settle down.

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10 # Take help of YouTube Videos:

Watch YouTube videos and select some good exercise video and save it in our library. Choose different videos for a different part of the body. Like for Arms, download video which is only focusing on weight loss from arms. Do the same with other body parts exercise like shoulder, legs, stomach, abs, etc.

11 # Make Fit Mom Group in your Society:

Look out for other new moms or other ladies in your society, who are fitness freak. Join them and make a daily exercise plan with them. First you will never get bored and secondly, it will keep your motivation well high.

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12 # Avoid Eating Outside More Often:

Say no to junk food and outside food. For a few months stop things of going to restaurants, they contain high calories.

13 # Less & Slowly:

Starting to eat is less in quantity and eat healthy food. Take short meals every 2 to 3 hours. This you must have read it lots of time. Please follow this, it’s really helpful. Don’t eat your child food, please don’t finish your child left food. This is really bad for your health. Many women’s does not see the disadvantage in it. But that’s means that you are eating 2 people. And baby food has lots of calories & ghee in it.

14 # Follow your Role Model:

You must admire some person in your life in case of fitness. It’s really good; keep tracking your role model for fitness tips and motivation. Read his story of losing weight or try to cope up with him or her. People who have a role model in their life achieve thing fast as compare to others. If you still don’t have one and start following some fitness person for best result.

15 # Avoid Eating Late at Night:

One of the biggest mistake people do is eating late at night. It is the main reason behind obesity these days in people life. Avoid food like samosa, burger, chips, soft drinks, too much coffee, outside food, etc

What to Do to Get Fast & Good Result

Perform core exercise 3’s times in a week to tight mid abs.

Do both weight training and cardio at home.

Follow your workout exercise chart

Do an everyday new form of exercise and give emphasis on one area like arms, legs, abs, and shoulder, etc.

Do regular exercise and walking

Swimming, if you like then it can help a lot.

Continue doing Pelvic Floor Exercise for strengthening core & back muscle. It will help you to recover from postpartum. 

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