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Pregnancy Exercise Rulebook (Do’s and Don’ts)

Perfect Pregnancy Exercise Guide for Moms-To-Be

Is it important for Pregnant Ladies to follow some exercise routine? The answer is a big “YES” in bold and CAPITAL. fitness is something which we all need to follow before, during, and after Pregnancy. But, the crucial point here is that Before Starting any pregnancy exercise you need to learn about some Dos and Don’ts of the pregnancy exercise. 

There are some Myths about exercising during pregnancy, which may create confusion in your mind. Just don’t jump over or straight forward started to believe these Myths. Whether you’re in your First Trimester, Second Trimester, or Third Trimester, keep following your normal exercise routine. First, read and understand the facts of the myths. Doing exercise during pregnancy is extremely important for you and your Baby Health


Do's of Pregnancy Exercise/Yoga

>Exercise for 30 minutes a day is recommended by many doctors(Gynecologists). 

> Always drink water before and after exercise, Keeping yourself hydrated is very important when doing exercise

>Included Walking, Biking, Swimming in your daily routine, it’s too good for your Heart and Lungs.

>To wear comfortable maternity clothes while doing exercise

>If you have Gestational diabetes, then consult your doctor before starting any kind of exercise, as it will be even more important for you to prevent passing this diabetes to your Baby. Many Babies these days are born with Diabetes.

> Do lots of stretching, as it will help you to get relief from back pain.

> Pelvic Tilt exercise is a must for tightening the muscles in the belly area.

> Kegel exercise helps tighten your Pelvic Muscles and helps prevent urinary incontinence. And, after the delivery, it will help you in fast recovery.

> Take full rest after exercise.

> Eats plenty of fruits and whole grains.

> Choose an experienced and reputed hospital for Prenatal Classes or safely follow the same routine at home.

> Prenatal Yoga is always good for flexibility and it will help you a lot during natural birth and post-pregnancy recovery.

Don't of Pregnancy Exercise/Yoga

> Don’t Overdo any Exercise, as you should only do Exercise 5 times in a week and that too 30 Minutes in a Day.

> Never Hold Your Breath During Exercise, try to follow the normal breathing routine.

> Don’t do any exercise or steps which can give you a Jerk and Bounce.

> Immediately Stop doing any exercise if you notice any below signs:-
       –  Bleeding
       –  Feeling Pain or Cramps
       –  Dizziness
       –  Extreme Tried
       –  Excessive Nausea Feeling

> Don’t Gain Extra Weight during your Pregnancy, try to maintain your weight with the help of Exercise and Yoga. It has been seen that Pregnant Ladies who are Overweight tend to face many problems during their pregnancy

> Don’t believe in any stupid myths like exercise during pregnancy is linked to miscarriage.

> Don’t Eat Fried or Spicy food before Exercise.

> Doesn’t Lie down with a full Stomach during any Exercise.

> Don’t Lift Heavyweights.

> Don’t do exercise outdoors or in a hot environment.


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