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How to Become a Great Dad to Your Toddler

Great Dad

Are you scared of word Great Dad, as its sound lots of responsibility on your shoulder? Becoming a Great Dad is just one step far from enjoying wonderful fatherhood. Normally we have seen that dads cannot show their full emotions and feeling towards their kids, but this does not mean that we have the right to compare the dad’s love and affection with mother.

Becoming a Great Dad does not need any extra effort from you; it’s just that now Dads have to learn to express their feelings and emotions in the right ways to their toddler.

12 Tips to Become a Great Dad to Your Toddler

Here are a few tips for dads, just follow and adapt these tips to become a Great Dad.

1 # Get Involved in Kids Life:

It’s very important for dads to get themselves involved in their kid’s life. Dad should show interest in kid’s activities and listen to their cute talks. By showing interest and getting involved in your kid’s life, will make a special bond between you and your kid.

Father should be aware of everything about his kid’s activities in his absence. You should never think that it’s only mother duty to take care of your child because by following this myth you are actually disconnecting yourself from your kids.

2 # Be Honest

Parents always teach their kids the chapter of honestly, but they themselves fail in following it. The maximum time we do not notice that we are lying to our kids and that also without any reasons. We generally lie to our kids when we don’t want to tell them about something or want to hide it. But we forget to notice that these days’ toddlers are too smart, they easily catch our lies and start questioning us.

Dads have to be smart and be cautious about what they are saying in front of their kids. As it has a bad impact on your kid and leaves a bad impression about their father. If you follow the truth policy, then only you can accept the same for your child.

3 # Have Patience

Patience is the toughest task for Dads and Moms to play. Patience’s means less angry and control over their words. Sometimes due to our busy schedule and office frustration that we bring back to our home, spoil the whole atmosphere of the house. Try to patients and listen to your kid daily routine, give him some time and don’t shout about them. Have Patience and listen to them.

4 # Use Good Language

It’s very important for dads to speak in a good language in front of their toddler or kids. Whatever you are saying is being stored in your kid’s brain. Kids do not have a good understanding of the good or bad language, whatever you spoke in front of them, they will speak in the same language with you. As you have noticed that in families where the abusive language is spoken more often, in those families, kids also adopt and use the same abusive language at an early age. Therefore, it’s important to mind your language and always speak in good English.


5 # Make Yourself Available to your Kids

These days working parents face this biggest challenge of being available to their toddler. Dads have to work late nights or have lots of office pressure. But does all this mean that you get the right of avoiding your toddler and not giving him your time?

It’s your duty, that whenever your kids required your presence you should make yourself available to him. Tell your kids that they can call you anytime whenever they required you and that’s also without any hesitations.

6 # Play Interactive Games

Playing outdoor games with your kid should be on your priority list.  It’s very important for dad to play cricket, basketball, baseball and football types of games with their kids. It does not matter whether you have a girl or a boy; all these games can be easily played with the girls too.

Playing interactive games with your kid will help in developing strong relationships between two of you and you will get a chance to understand your child like and dislike towards the particular games.

7 # Have Small Storytelling Sessions

For Dads, it’s not possible to do storytelling, every day for their kids. But at least on weekends, you can do that when you do not have to go to the office. Why the mother is asked to do this job, why not dad can do it. Just take half an hour at night, and narrate a small and beautiful story to your toddler at bedtime. This will help dad to be closer to their kid and in return can get lots of love.

8 # Spend Quality Time

Many times you must have heard from others or from your wife to spend some quality time with your kid. Have you ever thought, why people say it? Actually, kids just need your time and nothing else. As they are not greedy and they do not understand money yet. They want their dad to be around them and spend some quality time with them on weekdays and on weekends.

After coming from the office, just sit with your kids and play with them. Have an interaction session with them, make them happy by your good humor and try to have lots of fun.

9 # Become a Gadget & Mobile Free Dad

Oh My God! Gadgets these days have become a big threat to loves relations. People do not have time for each other, but they have time to post their comments on social media. These social media platforms and mobile phones are increasing stress in families.

Dad has time to play games on the phone or explore other things, but they don’t have time for their own kids. You get yourself so busy with these gadgets that you forget to spend time and miss those beautiful moments with your child. Just remember that those lovely moments will never come back and you will never enjoy or cherish that moment again.

Please Say No to Gadgets and Mobile Phones in your House.

10 # Encourage your Kid at Every Step

Your toddler is in the growing stage, where he or she needs lots of encouragement from their parents. You have to encourage your toddler at every step, show confidence in your kid. Tell them that there is nothing in the world which they cannot do. Always be with them and encourage them to try new and different things. Tell them to explore whatever they want.

11 # Give them Safe & Secure Childhood

Giving your family a safe and secure life is the responsibility of the head of the family. Father has this responsibility on his shoulder and dads can easily handle it. It’s your responsibility to give your kid a safe and secure life; you have to make arrangements according to that only.

Secure your full family by buying insurance policies and investing in good mutual fund schemes. Whether you are there or not with them, your family should never face the problem of money.

12 # Treat Both your Kids Equally

If you have two kids in your family, then its dad duty to see that both the kids will get the same love and affection from their parents. These days no one differentiates between girl and boy, thank god, but to build a strong relationship between the brother & sister, it’s your duty to make it happen.

Great Dad means great family and there is nothing in the world which a DAD cannot do for their child.

Enjoy Fatherhood!


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